Are JW kids really better that Christendom's or even the world's?

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  • DanTheMan

    One time we had a CO made several glowing comments about what a great bunch of youths we had in the KH. Yes, some of them were nice kids, but I knew them well enough to know that they weren't anything that special or praiseworthy, just typical teenagers, some nice, some not so nice.

    In the 2 years following his visit at least 3 teenage girls in the cong got knocked up by worldly guys and were disfellowshipped. All were reinstated after their children were born. It was sad.

  • hurt

    Yeah, there are JW kids who really want to do what is right. They do what is right because they've been taught, and do believe, it's the right thing to do. And there are several such kids elsewhere in Christendom too. I was such a kid. Brought up by Christiandom parents. Fornication, no! Smooching, no! But I don't ever remember Father and Mother saying anything directly about them. It was just a body of 'principles' of right, and wrong. then I became a JW. The tragedy of JW doctrine is the compartmentaization of sins, into those leading to death and not. I recall, with clarity, how I would wonder how hypocritical some of the disctinctions were. Then it became a pastime to play with the rules: what would lead to reproof, private or public? Would would not lead to disfellowshipment. There were many in the game, veteran Dub kids. And there were the sisters who knew exactly what to do after some awful act; just the right thing to do, how to behave before the elders and not get the axe. No, not all JW kids are like that, but the smart ones learn it all fast. The most important thing is being in good standing with the Org. That's what counts. It's a tragedy of morals, a facade, perpetuated by the self righteousness of old men at Brooklyn. And there stooges in the local congregation.

  • mouthy

    I have to say I agree with scully & I think it was JT ..I know my three kids were great JWS .I have proof they were virgins. when married. ( cant go into that now ---they didnt tell me) They never swore & the teachers often told me how they would not participate in everything at school & took much dirision for it....Never smoked -No birthdays They truly did as they were told.....So I think that if kids really think it is the truth- they did what they thought Jehovah wanted. Many times Melanie ( now deceased) would come home crying because one of the JWs were "bringing shame on Jehovahs name at school ) drugging, putting food in the Christmas hamper ( a no-no) exchanging gifts- swearing ,& bragging about the worldly girls they laid.....I used to tell her! Well we are doing Jah will. (Yeah Right) I do believe there are some wonderful clean living JW kids. Who must suffer internally when they see those calling themselves JW NOT doing what they are told...But I also think it is the same in any religion. There are those who say they are doing God will. but "the proof is in the pudding as the saying goes! " If you havent got the walk , stop giving me the talk.....

  • Soledad

    I think the average member's child was pretty much ok, but the kids of elders and MS's were awful, yet they were always being held up as "examples" for the rest. makes me sick

  • LB

    I recall back when I was studying with an elder. We got to the part about how clean Jehovah's organization is and how I must feel so safe with my highschool son making new friends in the congregation. I laughed and said Frank, my sons friends at highschool are cleaner than some of the kids he has met at the hall. I told him how several boys and girls went to a concert and many were drunk. Yet his morman buddy up the road never drinks.

    Oh Frank sort of dropped his mouth, said how Jehovah is always cleaning up his organization and then wanted names. That was my first of many red flags I ignored.

  • starScream

    What's really sad is how JW's don't realize there is only one standard of righteousness and everyone else must rely on mercy.

    It just makes me sick when JW's find it laughable that people comparable to them rely on mercy when thats the only chance they have. I remember occasionally hearing a MS pray forgiveness for us since we are sinners and I never understood that because if you sin you are supposed to be DF'd.

    I don't find it laughable if someone who is a worse sinner than me relies on mercy. Where sin abounds grace abounds all the more.

    this is JW logic

    sin x: God will forgive this sin, sometimes it is necessary when dealing with apostates or opposers

    sin y: God will forgive this sin after a while if you act good but armageddon better not come in the next five minutes!

    sin z: God will only forgive this sin if you become a pioneer for at least a year.

    sin xyz: this is the sin that Jesus died for, we all do it and it can't be helped. You just better not do it when someone from Christendom is watching!!!!

    sin xyz pi r: you will never be forgiven for this since it offended the watchtower too much, like reporting an elder child molester that the watchtower didnt discipline on TV

  • avishai

    Well, that depends on what you call better. The dubs have an 80% disfellowshipping/leaving rate for kids raised in it. So, i don't know if they are better or worse. But they are certainly a lot smarter!!!

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    So lets recap, my cousin, the fornicator, got pregnant out of wedlock to a cocaine user/trafficker and then got married, secretly, by a worldly official, to him to cover up of the fornications.

    hmmm... sounds like a T.V. "soap"... maybe "As the Borg Turns" , or "One Life to Shun".

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