Bret Weinstein: Evergreen State College Racism Controversy

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  • Saename

    I heard about this when watching the Philip DeFranco show. Regrettably, I didn't follow the issue, so I wonder what has happened since then. I also didn't know Weinstein was on the Rubin Report to discuss this. I have to watch it right away!

  • cofty

    The entire faculty have issued a statement supporting the students and condemning Weinstein...

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    "I think the bigger problem is the entitlement these college students are displaying." - just fine

    I think you are right. They need a dose of the real world so they can get their priorities in order. What is often clear with these incidents on University campuses is that the student leaders are the sorts of people who have had a very sheltered upbringing and their cohorts on the faculty have always been in education.

    Having said that, has it ever been different?

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    "Only a minority"....We hear that all the time, but we are made to think that the KKK is the driving force for the right. SMH!

  • nelim

    Interesting that Bret wants to avoid this situation to become into a left/right thing, known boxes; but what happens immediately in the second comment? Exactly that.

  • hothabanero

    Everyone of these braindead liberal faculty member who signed that statement should be FIRED. This is yet another example of how deep the rot goes in the university system. Actually, just don't hire liberal idiots and the problem goes away lol!

  • cofty

    Correction - The letter was signed by 50 faculty members which represents about a quarter of the teaching staff.

  • VIII

    I listened to the interview. What really got me was this, and I'm quoting from the professor:

    " Pro-Equity. Why are there so many white students who seem more outraged than the students of color? There seems to be a syllogism out there that seems to suggest that because people of color helped build the world and helped white people, white people are indebted to people of color. And, that therefore, when people of color ask for something that white people should provide it.

    And what that has led to is this situation where you have basically white anarchists that are actively acting on behalf of a movement of people of color. And there is a danger to this."

    The Professor goes on to describe a meeting he was in later where the white students were threatening him while the students of color were just demanding things and demanding he resign. The white kids were talking of kidnapping him, beating him up, macing him and other things to actually harm him!!

    He went on to talk about why the white students are indebted to the students of color.

    The "White Anarchists" is an interesting term.

    These college campuses are totally out of control.

  • hothabanero
    Wow @VIII thats insane. any sensible administration would immediately throw out those students and call the police on them for making threads. College campuses have become a cesspool of radical marxism and liberalism; it needs to be drained! No wonder the "elite" is so out of touch with real Americans.
  • supernerdboy

    Kind of cool to see a bit of changing minds here!

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