Bret Weinstein: Evergreen State College Racism Controversy

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  • Simon

    Great discussion, well worth watching. Covers racism, the bubble that some people live in vs the reality that resulted in Trumps election and more (and JWs get a mention too).

    The Rubin Report (and many of the guests he has on) repeatedly knock it out of the park with sensible, calm and important analysis and commentary on important issues to our society.

  • cofty

    I've been following this situation over the past few days. Utter madness!

    The black students are abusive, ill-mannered, disrespectful racists. The head of the college is weak and pathetic.

    I have a fascinating book about life in China under Mao Tse Tung. There are chilling similarities. The left is eating itself.

  • Simon
    The left is eating itself.

    Yes, I'm seeing it happening more and more in lots of areas - it really has nowhere to go. The question is whether it will implode and how much damage it will do if / when it does.

    I'm still trying to decide if some people are just genuinely misinformed and woefully misguided or they are actually trying to create the very environment that they claim they are supposedly campaigning against. The cynical accusations of racism when it's clear and known to be false suggests the latter which is very troubling.

    We're now seeing BLM for instance push for segregation and to have no police community involvement in schools as well as being excluded from community events like pride marches. Coupled with reduced policing in some high-crime communities due to the "Ferguson effect" and propaganda that the police are out to shoot people and the net result will be ever worsening interactions between black communities and police which will then self-fulfill the prophecy that some people have endeavoured to create.

    Misguided? Anarchists? They seem to be feeding off each other.

  • hothabanero

    Colleges are truly become the breeding ground of fascism. I saw a video by this professor in Canada who was forced to use made-up pronouns and threatened to be fired when he spoke out about it... Berkley is being overrun by fascists such as antifa and BLM and Harvard has to rename everything "white". Nobody is doing anything to stop this.

    The College industry has turned into a monster. Everyone has to get a degree these days and that means colleges are cranking out crazy SJWs who are less qualified for a job than someone who can't read; often people who are parked in these programs are those who are not qualified to go to normal college i.e. the most feeble minded and the affirmative action students. When they are done they are thousands in debt and the only way they know to deal with any situation is to bitch online about how the system is rigged agains them lol.

    College industry should be redone to eliminate most junk degrees (non-STEM) and all state funding should be pulled unless clear free-speech laws are enacted to ban these racists from organizing hate-groups on campus. Students who do these things should also be kicked out.

  • MeanMrMustard


    At least in the computer science realm, employers are looking less and less for a computer science degree. We just hired two developers where I work. One of the new hires without a degree was chosen over a candidate with a degree. The reason: the interview consisted of a short discussion, and then an assignment to restructure a working program that was purposefully created badly. All the developers watched in the same room, quietly. It was high pressure with everyone observing decisions and strategy. But it was clear the guy without the degree was better. He had done more personal work.

    I heard Google is putting more importance on personal work outside of school than the degree.


  • Simon

    I read something a while back where Google, who are very "data driven", said there was no correlation between success and people having a degree.

    That isn't the say they are not important in some areas, IT and computer science is an outlier when it comes to science and academia vs practical work due to the rapid pace of chance that universities are not good at keeping up with.

    But I agree, there are "real" degrees - sciences and classic liberal arts, and there are the pretend nonsense degrees that people waste their money on. Gender studies and the like that are a breeding ground for fanaticism and idiocy.

    Gad Saad. Jordan Peterson and some others are taking a brave stand in a world increasingly hostile to free-speech and clear thinking. Many want dogma and obeisance to political correctness and outright racism. Sad to behold.

  • Spoletta

    In any society there will be hot heads that take any philosophy to the extreme, liberal or conservative.(any that lived through the 60's should realize this).

    Painting all liberal college students with the same brush is like saying all Southerners during the Civil Rights movement were racist. Not true.

    The actions of the students at Evergreen were abhorrent to the majority of progressives (myself included).

    When the MSM begins to praise these individuals, rather than condemn their actions, you will have a valid argument for the loss of free speech in this country.

    Till then, this is a small group of extremists, not the majority of liberals.

  • Simon

    Actually, it seems to be the dominant ideology on college campuses now - you see it from top to bottom ... administration, academics and students. It is extremism but it's not "extreme" as in unusual as you are trying to make out. Just as black students shouldn't feel that they are threatened just for attending somewhere, neither should anyone who has conservative views - but that is now the reality on campus and it's an utter disgrace. This is how they treat people who are on their side!!!

    There needs to be:

    Strong condemnation from media and onlookers / commentators

    Action by administrators and removal of people doing this kind of thing

    Withdrawal of funding for colleges and universities that don't

    Expulsion of students that threaten and physically assault people (as has happened in other cases)

    None of these things will probably happen because the left now only values shouting and punching.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    "...the left now only values shouting and punching"

    Define left. Do we start at some "median" in the political spectrum and 50% on one side is left and the other 50% is right? "left" and "right" have become so overused to describe the guys/ladies with whom I don't agree. I think it is time to work with the specifics of each case and put forth sound arguments without attaching useless labels to the other side.

  • Simon
    Do we start at some "median" in the political spectrum and 50% on one side is left and the other 50% is right?

    Well, I've decided to start using the same rule that the left has long promoted - that anyone even slightly "not us" is therefore extreme right, a nazi and white supremacist.

    That the label isn't the real issue here is it and I think it's clear the sort of people I'm referring to.

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