New Job & New Life in Vancouver Canada!

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  • Beans

    Estee, congrats sister! Wow Van has a new resident that isn't from the Orient lol, hey whats it gonna be like looking at mountains all day in stead of watching your dog run away for a week? I am so jealous you now have an unlimited supply of "Kokanee Gold" one of the finest beers of all time!




    Hiya Everyone!

    This is Vancouver’s newest resident speakin’!!! speakin’!!! speakin’!!!

    Ooooooh…didja hear that echo???

    Here I am back on line! Been thinking a lot about all of you. Got some email to read from some of you, and that has been nice... thanks so much for all your good wishes and congratulations and good luck…an’ such! Thanks mac and JH and ozziepost! By the way, ozzie… I sure enjoy your weekend polls…keep ‘em coming!!!

    Francois wrote:

    Difference in snow levels will be such a lurching change you’ll be needing my help right away

    Yeah, no kidding! The first thing I noticed as my plane touched down was …. Green grass!!! What a treat for my eyes…that up till that point were suffering from glaring snow whiteout! Three feet of snow in Saskatoon! GAWD!!! Poor RunningMan & Mrs. RunningMan…in Regina! Awwww….I feel for youz!! And believe it or not, it has been sunshiny here since I arrived! I’m sure I brought the sunshine with me!!! Hehehe!

    Heathen wrote:

    Vancouver for possible change of scenery

    For sure! Look to the west and there is the sea….look to the east and there are the awesome mountains!

    Orbison wrote:

    Woohoo I live in Vancouver

    Hey, that’s so cool! Let’s do coffee sometime! I wanna meet my new Apostate TM pals!!

    William Penwell wrote:

    Vancouver is a beautiful place…Welcome to the coast Estee

    Thanks, Will! It sure is wonderful to be here! We’ll do coffee, if you wanna!

    Happysunshine wrote

    Rollerblades for the seawall

    Rollerwhaaaaa??? For the seawhaaa? <faints> Lets do coffee….or shop for shoes instead...…okay honey???

    Alfie wrote:

    We live in Burnaby right next to a station

    Hey! Cool! I get off at Lougheed station. The mall is on one side of the tracks and my hi-rise condo is on the other side of the tracks. Let’s do coffee sometime!

    Qwerty wrote:

    Any room for an Apostate TM and his JW wife?

    Nice pic of the Killer Whale!…..

    Oh, and you and your JW wife are welcome to stay here and visit! Just be sure and let her know that I’m DISFELLOWSHIPPED and quite possibly DEMONIZED!…Mwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    Greven wrote:

    When your company screws up don’t start using the new light excuse

    LOL!!! Now why didn’t I think to use that excuse before??? After all, the dubs have been using that line successfully …. For HOW long???

    RAZORBLADE wrote:

    We must do coffee

    Yes, we must do coffee, RAZOR! There is a Starbucks on every corner here! <hands RAZOR a huge mug o’ steaming coffee with white foam sprinkled with cinnamon> mmmmmmm

    Simon wrote:

    We’re planning on moving to that area so it won’t be far for a big Canadian Apostafest. Will you consider adopting me?

    Simon…maybe you don’t know….my real motive for moving to the west coast…..I heard there was gonna be an Apostabash here…didn’t wanna miss it!

    Adoption? Uhhhh…sure Simon. I’ll adopt you and Angharad as my Apostate TM brother and sister.

    Scully wrote:

    I would like to go back someday

    (((((Scully))))) You would be welcome here any day! You could stay with me…I have room for a guest! Actually you could be my lovely Apostate TM sister…then I’d have two sisters, counting Angharad, that is. You know I don’t have a fleshly TM sister!!! Only six brothers…

    xjw_b12 wrote:

    Is this a new job?

    Yes, it is a new job…that kinda was a spin off of my old job. I used to work for a company that used this company for Public Relations work. This PR firm knew me and my work personally, through my old job…it really pays to network! When I left my old job due to layoff, my “new” boss said to keep him posted as to my whereabouts because he might have a job for me. Five months later, it happened! I love feeling gainfully employed again!!!

    Navigator wrote:

    You need to practice your Chinese

    For sure! In Saskatoon, every second person was native Indian. Here every second person is Oriental! Culture shock?

    Skeptic wrote:

    You will wonder why you stayed in the prairies for so long

    You aren’t kidding, Richard! Actually, I’ve been plotting my escape from Saskatoon ever since my divorce was final seven years ago! Finally made good my escape!!! … Whew!!!

    Brummie wrote:

    All the best to you

    Thanks sooo much, Brummie…my favorite jedi-kitty….prrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

    Beans wrote:

    What’s it gonna be like looking at mountains all day instead of watching your dog run away for a week. I am so jealous you now have an unlimited supply of “Kokanee Gold” one of the finest beers of all time

    …Watching my dog run away? You got it wrong, Beans… I threw out my hubby and coulda watched him run away.... if I was so inclined…but …why??? Here's to Kokanee Gold!!!!

    My dream job! PR work in a financial institution in the downtown financial district of …. Ummm… Vancouver!!!! I love saying that! A Public Relations job in a financial institution in the downtown financial district of Vancouver…sorry!!! Just had to say it again!!! Hehehehe!!

    The reality of this move is even more wonderful than I dared to anticipate!

    I also have something very unusual to share with you. It turns out that my job is downtown and a block away from where my jw daughter works. I get off the skytrain and walk right past the hotel where she works! Coincidence?

    I'm trying to figure out what all of this means. Do you think this is coincidence? Or does she need me that I have been placed right beside her in such an amazing way that could not have happened even if I had planned it this way??? I have not seen her yet, and I hesitate going into the hotel to see her. I do wish to honor her request to not attempt to contact her on the one hand...and on the other...hmmmm....

    It just feels so weird. I feel her presence everywhere as I walk down the street. I hope I will know how to handle this situation so I don't scare her away. I thought of delivering flowers to the hotel with my name and number, just so she knows I'm in town. I just wonder what she would think if she knew I worked a block away from her.

    Much love


  • Brummie

    Been thinking a lot about all of you

    We have been thinking about you too ESTEE, what a "coincidence" to end up so close to your daughter!!! Perhaps this will turn out to be "divine intervention" but not from the jah of the Watchtower who is a mere product of the imaginations of CTRussell!

    Let us know the minute you see her and what her response is, gee funny how things work out.


    Glad to see you posting again, have missed ya




    Hey Estee,Vancouver B.C. OUTLAWS home town.Lots of night life,good entertainment and fine restaurants.Have fun..Right now I am about half way between you and Simons dad in Alberta...OUTLAW

  • AlanF

    Greater Vancouver is a wonderful place, Estee, and I'm envious that you're able to live there. If I could choose anyplace to live, it would be that area. Maybe Victoria, maybe Vancouver itself, maybe an eastern suburb; I don't know. I wish you the best of luck!


  • blueyes


    I'm new to the board and I just want to say Congratulations! You will find BC one of the most beautiful places on earth - one of god's greatest creations. I've lived in the Northwest nearly my entire life and it would take alot to make me move. Be sure to try out China Town and try Whistler. Also, Victoria is a romantic place in the summer. It's great that you have a convenient commute to work.

    Again congratulations!


    P.S. Let us know how your new job is going in awhile.


    Hi again Everyone!

    I sure appreciate all the good luck and good wishes that just keep coming! Thank you all soooo much!

    Obiwan, sorry I missed you the first time around...glad I caught it! Can't live with that kinda guilt...

    Outlaw, AlanF...thanks for your good wishes. Nice to feel supported.

    blueyes, welcome to the forum. Nice to see newbies....soooo many newbies! Nice to know that droves of people are leaving the dubs....much healthier on this side... By the way, are you saying that you live somewhere in Vancouver?

    I worked my first week of work, and it has been really nice. Sure feels good to be earning money again and being able to take care of myself. Unemployment insurance simply does not do very much for my self-esteem...60% of my previous wages...sheesh...

    Ahhhh...this is a good job with full benefits and share a field that I love. And I know this work, because I did it in my previous job, except from a different perspective. I'm loving it! On Friday before I left for the day, my boss praised me for the wonderful week that he had working alongside me. We actually accomplised a lot! So I left for the day feeling really great!

    And this week my boss will be out of the office until Thursday, so I will learn a lot of new stuff from my co-workers.

    Now I just need some time to read what I've missed in the last two weeks...I've been sooooo busy here with my new life I'm having a hard time keeping up with everything!

    Also, I learned of some great ballroom dance spots....which I have not yet had time to investigate...This is a high priority with me...I will get there!

    Much love,


  • xenawarrior

    Yeeeehhaaaaaaa Esteee !!!!!!

    Congratulations on your new job and your successful move !!! Glad to see you posting again !!

    Hugs at ya !!!!



    Thanks for your enthusiastic post XW! ... or yew goin' country on us in here...


  • xjw_b12

    ESTEE. Great to have you back, and great to hear that things are working out very well, at your new job.

    Send me a PM or email.

    Regards: Dave

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