New Job & New Life in Vancouver Canada!

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    Hi everyone!

    This is my little note to say I won't be on the forum very much in the next while because I am moving. It is a BIG move . . . from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Vancouver, BC . . . west coast Canada!

    I am accepting a position in downtown Vancouver, and the job is starting on Monday, March 3. I booked a flight for Friday, February 28. I will be living in Burnaby. The skytrain stops right outside my door and I will be on it every morning to get to work. I feel very excited about this wonderful new job at a Public Relations firm (my favorite kinda work)!!!

    Curious who my new "ApostateTM" friends will be.

    Talk to you soon!


  • Francois

    Goodness. The difference in snow levels alone will be such a lurching change you'll be needing my help right away. Er, you'll need help. Are you taking applications? I allus wanted to live in Vancouver. And I can cook, too.

    God, I really envy you. I have time for just about one more adventure in my life and it needs to start soon. Now I won't be able to sleep tonight thinking about your incredible run of luck. Saskatoon? They can't get airplanes out of there this time of winter can they? I thought the airport was still under twenty feet of snow.

    Go get 'um. And don't forget to send a blank application my way right away.



  • heathen

    I'm with francois on this one , you lucky dog you . I was looking at vanvouver for a possible change of scenery . It looks like a sweet place from the pictures I saw on the web .congratulations .

  • Mac


    Congrats on your good fortune!


  • orbison11

    woohoo i live in vancouver

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Vancouver is a beautiful place. I have lived here all my life. Welcome to the coast Estee


  • happysunshine

    Cograts! You'll love it here- but you have to get a pair of rollerblades for the Seawall. I'm in Victoria now. Drop me an e-mail if you want to hang out. -J

  • alfie

    Hi Estee, Welcome to the West Coast. Hopefully you'll find it a good move and who knows, maybe my wife and I can meet you sometime. Just out of curiosity,to which SkyTrain station are you referring? Is it in Burnaby or is your job all that is there? I ask only because we live in Burnaby right next to a station.



  • qwerty

    That's just not fair,

    I always wanted to visit Canada, maybe one year. Vancouver, I saw slide show of Vanc.... at a Bethelites mother and fathers house, after he'd been there on a visit ( I live in the UK). He had taped Killer Whale noises and played them back to us, whilst we looked at slides of a boat trip, Whale spotting. I've seen them in captivity at Seaworld Florida, magnificent! Even better I guess in the wild.

    Now I am thinking of visiting this summer! Any room for an Apostate and his JW wife?!


  • greven

    Success with your move and new job!!

    PR work! LOL, now when your company screws up don't start using the new light excuse!


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