This newly leaked letter PROVES the WTS are hypocrates and do not speak the truth.

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  • Dunedain

    After reading this newly leaked letter, something profoundly "hit" me. Myself, being born a "witness", and most of us here, who have learned their teachings for years, know of the "importance" the GB/WTS always placed on the Watchtower and Awake magazines, themselves.

    From the magazines inception, from back in probably the 1920's, or somewhere that far back, the WTS claimed that the preaching work, and specifically the distribution of these magazines, were a sign of the times, and a fulfilment of bible prophecy in these last days. They would compare the Watchtower magazine to a "stinging scorpion", claiming those magazines fulfilled that verse in Revelation. The Watchtower magazines were always "trumpeted" as the "mouthpiece" of Jehovah. LITERALLY SAYING IT ANNOUNCED HIS KINGDOM.

    Over the years the GB/WTS made great claims about how the magazines themselves continued to increase and increase, in both production, and distribution. Again, this, in their own rhetoric, claimed to prove there authenticity, and "showed" that we were in the last days, and fulfilling bible prophesy, with them doing the preching work, and using the Watchtower magazine as Gods mouthpiece.

    With all of these rhetoric, and the emphasis placed on the Watchtower magazines, wouldnt, if we were really in the LAST DAYS, the Watchtower magazines production and distribution BE INCREASING. If the Watchtower mags were specifically to be the "stinging message", from God, to "reveal" the hypocrisy of Christendom, and Gods mouthpiece in these last days, why are they reducing to nearly a fraction of what they were, even just a few years ago.

    Have the "scorpions sting" become DULL. Is the scorpions venom, loosing its toxicity. Are the scorpions "dieing", and withering away.

    These are the "last days", the work should be increasing 10 fold. The "mouthpiece" that is the Watchtower magazine, should be increasing by leaps and bounds. Why at the "end", right before the big A, are these magazines going from being produced twice a month to once every other month. It disproves, their own false proclamations, that they would be increasing the "work" at the end of days.

    Instead, its becoming mor watered down BS.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Bravo, Dunedain!!

    EXCELLENT POST and I'm wondering if reasoning like this might help wake up some dubbies!

    Also on that note of logic and reason, the WT has also said how JWs are like locusts traversing the earth, going everywhere with their message, going through the back yards and up into apartment buildings, etc., to spread the good news! How will this apply if they do away with the preaching work or do cart-only witnessing? (Though this has not been confirmed and is a future speculation about the future of door-to-door work) but if that event does happen, is another point to use or bring up for the dubs to explain.

    Anyway, I can't like or love your post enough, lol. Wonderful reasoning and logic! It is good to turn their words against them and expose their duplicity and to show how they're making it all up as they go along.

  • LostGeneration

    I gave a roundabout insult to the magz to my pops a few months ago, it had to do with the flimsy size and the content therein, of course he didn't like that. I wonder what he will think once the new "undated every other month" magz come out.

  • flipper
    DUNEDAIN- Great thread. Exactly, great points made. WT Society leaders have always bragged about how the work is " speeding up " as the end gets closer so indeed - WHY would they go to printing the WT magazine to every other month if the message is that urgent ? Bottom line : WT leaders don't believe their own bullshit. They know that they've been yanking our chain all along. It's been a massive deception right from the start going back to the days of C.T. Russell. And the deception is still going on strong 136 years later in 2015
  • Dunedain

    How about the fact, that this organization is called - "The Watchtower, bible, and tract society". Yet here, at the 11th hour, at the "end" of the "end", the magazine that is LITERALLY THE NAMESAKE OF THIS ORGANIZATION, is reduced to every OTHER month.

    Why, did they use to "Announce Jehovahs Kingdom" via the Watchtower, 4 times a month, but now when the "work" should be at its biggest level yet, are they "Announcing Jehovahs Kindom" only every OTHER month.

    Why are they laying off Bethelites, ALL OVER THE WORLD, not just the U.S., but even in the supposed countries that the work is "increasing".

    Why have they stopped building Kingdom Halls, and increasing projects.

    This is the "LAST DAYS", they have been touting about how they and only they, have been fulfilling bible prophesy with their work, and its increase only means that Jehovah is blessing them and with them. So, does this DECREASE, in ALL aspects of ALL of their work, mean that Jehovah is NO longer blessing them, and with them.

  • Vidiot

    The work is expanding everywhere! It's proof of God's blessing!

    The work is dialing back and streamlining! It's proof of God's blessing!

  • stuckinarut2

    Instead of ramping up or increasing the activity, this is proof of a decrease..

    So, "has Jehovah said the work is done" now?

    Has "the door of the ark been closed" now?

  • westiebilly11
    cart witnessing is just a big cop out. I have witnessed carts with four jws (including an elder and his wife) milling around, engaged in idle gossip and chat about which car to buy, or the price of a coat for winter. No members of the public approach them, preferring instead to cross over to avoid them. This week I saw them set up their cart at 8.45 am and they were still there at doubt they count their hours and will revel in revealing their non existent experiences to all at the next meeting platform's just a sham. Idleness and apathy abounds...
  • WTWizard

    So much for that college equivalent. If they are going to keep the rags at 16 pages, you will only get 96 pages of the Asleep! rag per year. The Showcase washtowel will be another 96 pages per year. Back when I was in, it was 32 pages per rag, twice a month. You had 24 rags each, for a total of 768 pages per rag per year. Far less likely you will find something of even mild interest.

    Not to mention, the chances of getting a bad rag to place go up drastically. Before, you get a bad issue, you were stuck with it for only 2 weeks plus you could feature another article. (I define a bad rag as one that is almost impossible for the householder to comprehend or one where you are uncomfortable with the topic.) Now, you get a bad rag, you are stuck with it for the two month period plus there is no way a better article can be used.

    Maybe it's time to start reading material on instead, or in addition to, what you are seeing in the rags. With the 672 fewer pages per year you now need to read per rag, that web site should fill in the missing pieces. And, you can check out other sites it's linked to--that is, if you are prepared for the possibility that the whole religious system is faulty along with the whole bible. For sure, it will be far more entertaining than anything you are now going to find in the rags.

  • Finkelstein

    Obviously the WTS and its leaders bent their bible interpretations, to facilitate the proliferation of the literature they published, designating themselves as fear mongering charlatans.

    Bullshit sells , particularly if you exploit the potential believably aspect of the bible.

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