this is going beyond a joke what do you think?

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Next thing you know, they'll be requiring sisters to wear burkas.

  • kat_newmas

    If the elders would lear the joys of cunnilingus.... they would not have to "make" her do anything.

    Besides.. to me that whole "honor and obey" crap is just another male attempt to dominate his surroundings. My wife and I are equals in our marriage. King James could never had gotten any... if he couldnt say : "God said you have to do it with me"

    I could not ever imagine "sleeping" with my wife, and her not WANTING to. I would really feel like some kind of sicko, twisted rapist.... If I had to convince my wife that it was her "duty" to sleep with me. Where is the joy in sex that you MUST have ,,,, because it is your duty. Not to be graphic.... but I usually find that I am concentrated on her pleasure..... and from that.... I recieve tremendous rewards.

    But for all you single guys out there.... that whole bit with the "duty" thing really does work on some women... so if you are desperate or something... hey, go for it I guess. Just avoid mirrors for a while... you may not like what you see.

  • Gopher

    Concerned mama,

    This sounds like the Society's outline for the public talk (given everywhere from time to time) called "Family Life That Warms the Heart". My dad had that outline and often gave that talk when I was a child. (I got to tag along and hear the same schtuff over and over and over....)

    -- JEFF

  • CoonDawg

    I'm with Kat on this one all the way. about a stone age idea! My wife and I are definitely equals. The elders don't like her much because she is so independent. And hey, we both work and she has more vacation time than I guess what? If she wants to take a vacation and I don't have the time off....she goes by herself or with one of her girlfriends. and IT'S OKAY for her to do that. If I ever tried to start pulling all that crap they are spouting...well, I'd come home and find my suitcase sittin' out on the porch, she'd have changed the locks and left a note taped to the mailbox that says "Goodbye, Turkey...My attorney will be in touch."


    PS...also cannot immagine having sex w/ a woman that didn't WANT me...or even a "mercy f*ck". Kinda takes the lead out of the ol' pencil.

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    Thank you, Gopher.

    I just took a quick peek at the official Watchtower sight to see how much they publiclly said about Headship and submissive wives. I found this article. I know this is nothing new to you JWs or ex JWs, but the part down the page, "Parents Need To Communicate" just made me sick. Those poor kids.. How could any mother do this to her kids?

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    Ok, sigh, my first try at embedding and it didn't work. Maybe the Watchtower Official site won't link to here?

    This was the link

    It is on Step Families.

  • Simon

    Oops ... another bug to fix

  • shera

    I would always cringe at those talks during the meetings...I know the elders saw my facial expressions.

    I would slide down in my seat like I was melting during those talks. I would have been the worst JW wife ever! Well when I think about it..thats a good thing.

  • blondie
  • blacksheep

    I remember those articles about the woman managing the household duties and "cooking healthful meals" for the family. I also remember reading garbage about how women were physically and psychologically dependent on men. Something like "it's been proven that women flourish better with a ceiling of authority."

    Good God. No, it's not a joke to the JWs. Just a joke to most everyone else in the free world.

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