More head-in-the-sand nonsense of the worst possible kind ...

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  • Hanged Man
  • scratchme1010

    BTW, here is a little more information about Christian Terrorist Groups around the world, those are the ones documented.

    It was heart braking hearing the stories of people who have been left to die in the woods after getting assaulted and raped by people from some Christian paramilitary group in MD, USA.

    Those are worse to prosecute, since people don't even knowledge that they exist, leave alone attempting at bringing them to justice.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    The UK is almost lost.

  • cofty
    The UK is almost lost


  • Ruby456

    No way is the UK lost for goodness sake.

  • Simon
    The Telford child abuse scandal has been given lots and lots of coverage. Those men will also get their comeuppance in prison

    Why? There are prisons practically run and controlled by muslims.

    No way is the UK lost for goodness sake

    Don't be so sure. They recently arrested (misusing anti-terrorism laws) and refused entry to some conservative journalists who cover things like this and highlight the inconsistent application of the law and the bias of the policing.

    Every time, Islam is protected and christians have their rights denied.

    There needs to be a change - I forget the exact stat but it's something like a group that's a small percentage of the population being responsible for 85% of these kinds of abuse crimes.

    Them and their 'culture' (lack of) are an absolute cancer to civilized society and it needs to be cut out.

  • Ruby456

    Link pls re the journalists. They were not far right by any chance?

    the uk is a world leader

  • Diogenesister

    What I think no one is noticing is that it is very, very specifically a problem of the religion.

    You never, ever hear of HINDU men being involved in this, or Sikh sex grooming rings and yet they are the same race/ from the same culture/region etc

    I know because I grew up in an area full of people from there and the difference was palpable.

    By the way I also met Jimmy Saville as a kid and I got the same vibe I really, really disliked him and my family thought it was odd how much I disliked him. My dad used to work for the BBC.

  • Simon
    They were not far right by any chance?

    Anyone and everyone is now labelled alt-right, so who cares about that label.

    The MSM refuses to cover stories that contradict their leftist narratives and then they label anyone who does an alt-right nazi so that they can be silenced and ignored.

    the uk is a world leader

    No, no they are not. The UK police are now enforcing political opinions to defend a religion against what it considers 'blasphemy' but at the same time it turns a blind eye to serious crimes adherents of that religion commit for fear of upsetting it.

    You can preach and promote extremism in the streets and wave ISIS flags but woe betide someone who has a conservative / christian outlook or just points to what is happening.

    It's a sad day and if you don't think this matters then you are a fool and a tool and one day the boots might come to your door and it will be too late to protest.

  • joe134cd

    You never, ever hear of HINDU men being involved in this, or Sikh sex grooming rings and yet they are the same race/ from the same culture/region etc

    Well the below link is one of many that will change that view. India could quite possibly end up been the mecca for child sex abuse. I have read numerous links (the above is just one such one) that estimates that 50% of children in that country have been sexually assaulted. How often have you heard that been reported on the BBC. Shame on you India and shame on you BBC. India also has a very low divorce rate compared to western countries as well. I sort of wonder like the child abuse issue if the reason the problem dosnt exist there is because of social customs and there inability to openly discuss it.

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