More head-in-the-sand nonsense of the worst possible kind ...

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Whenever a Hollywood actress has been propositioned or touched up, we know all about it.

    But a story - mostly suppressed by the mainstream media - is emerging of far worse abuse of human females.

    Telford appears to have a grooming/sex abuse scandal of its own to rival the ones in Rochdale, Oxford and other UK towns.

    It appears the MSM, police and politicians and other authorities are very slow in learning their lesson from Rochdale.

    Unbelievable that this case hasn't made The Guardian or the BBC.

    I guess the sisterhood thinks Hollywood women are much more important than Telford girls.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Western governments are paranoid about people speaking out/denigrating Islam & Muslims - but Christianity is fair game.

    After all, Christians won't blow up people & buildings or behead anyone who makes a cartoon of Jesus.

    Some info on the BBC Shropshire sub-site - but not on the main BBC News site.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Thank you for those two rather bland articles from the BBC Shropshire sub-site.

    I noted a distinct lack of outrage from BBC Shropshire whilst I was reading them.

    The MSM, apart from The Spectator & The Mirror, would rather not talk about these cases.

    Let's flip the situation: imagine if a bunch of white British losers, with first names such as John, Peter, Adam, Terry and surnames such as Johnson, Farmer, Lewis, Baker had been abusing little girls with names such as Aisha and Fatima. The MSM would be going hysterical over it, and rightly so. There would be much discussion and debate with opinion pieces galore.

    Instead the MSM devotes much more of its time to a few Hollywood tarts who once used their beauty and youth along with their talent to get ahead, but now that they're the wrong side of forty, call for 'solidarity'.

    Whatever, I hope justice will be done - I'm talking about long sentences and deportations if those found guilty have dual nationality.

  • scratchme1010
    After all, Christians won't blow up people & buildings or behead anyone who makes a cartoon of Jesus.

    Ah, the beautiful blanket of denial. Dream on.

  • Ruby456

    The Telford child abuse scandal has been given lots and lots of coverage. Those men will also get their comeuppance in prison. We could highlight their religion, their ethnicity, their patriarchy, their criminal gangland features, that the youngsters were underage and many other things and draw parallels with other campaigns. Telford and Rochdale will come up in all those discussion.

  • cofty
    We could highlight their religion

    We should highlight their religion. It is the crucial factor.

    It is their religion that teaches them to hold non-Muslim girls in contempt and it was the political correctness of social workers and police that allowed them to get away with it for years. I suspect a similar situation exists in every city with a significant Muslim community. Newcastle-upon-Tyne is one recent example.

  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    I don't know so much about it being religious.....Jimmy Savile was doing his thing uninterrupted and nothing was done about him despite it being an open secret.....He was allowed to canoodle with royalty,spend weekends with Thatcher,give advice to the Israeli govt..and this is a bloody DJ!..and yet despite all known about him.....he seemed to get through what i would expect to be mandatory background checks.And what about the Lolita express?What about the Franklin cover up?

  • cofty

    Hanged Man did you see anybody claiming that 'all pedophiles are Muslim' or that 'all Muslims are pedophiles'?

    No of course you didn't.

    Why do so many people think in binary?

  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    What I'm trying to stop focusing on the lower hanging fruit.....

  • cofty

    There are Muslim pedophiles rings in many UK cities. Nothing has been done because social workers and police have been afraid of accusations of racism and discrimination.

    Most of the victims are young teens in Council care, most of the culprits are Muslim men.

    Most of the culprits are still at liberty, most of the victims are still being abused.

    It is a failure to focus on this issue that has left hundreds of children to suffer years of abuse.

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