LEAK: 3000 buildings to liquidate. How to choose? (Watchtower propaganda video)

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    I agree. I think that if they weren't short on cash they wouldn't be doing this at all. There have always been a merger here or there, or maybe a congregation being dissolved here or there, but not like this. Not a massive, fully involved sweep.

  • Diogenesister

    They are so robotic when they say things like "Jehovah is speeding up the work....since we are so deep in the time of the end" etc you can see it in their eyes, they dont believe it. I think these fully qualified accountants, financial directors, lawyers etc get paid a good wage and are provided with a nice house. Therefore they need the flock to believe.

    The guy with grey hair giving the talk keeps tightening his mouth at the end of his sentences. Im no expert in body language but im willing to bet it signifies someone who is unsure of the information he is providing.

  • Spiral

    It just gives me the creeps how they read a scripture for everything. Quoting Paul to give guidance on donations (in the modern sense) is just crazy.

    Heard just today about two halls being "consolidated" because there are no "younger ones" (in this case, what was meant was 50-somethings) in the hall to help with the elderly. Once the one hall is gone the few elderly will not be able or willing to drive 37 miles to the next town down the highway to attend. I do think they'll lose a lot of attendance this way. But I'm sure they don't care as a) most of these elderly don't have a lot of extra $$ to donate; and b) they lie about the numbers anyway, so it doesn't matter.

    I think the great push to build quick-build halls in rural areas (15 or so years ago) was a mistake, however. A property like that doesn't sell quickly in a rural town. No one needs it, certainly not for a big price. One I know of that sold is now a evangelical church, another is a church preschool. What a witness!

    Serves them right.

  • Perry

    Looks like they know that business as usual is nearing its end. They are liquidating to grab as much cash as possible. They likely don't know where the bottom is. Until they do, they'll just sit on as much liquidity as possible.

    I do have a question for everyone here. From what I understand, Canada prohibited charities from making loans 2 or 3 years ago. Does anyone know if other countries have passed similar legislation? What about the USA?

    It is my understanding that the WT cancelled KH loans so as to retain their tax exempt status in Canada.

    Did they cancel loans in certain countries or globally?


    - Perry

  • Wild_Thing
    Each time an empty seat is filled because a congregation is merged, relocated, or publishers are moved to a smaller congregation, it is like giving a contribution to the World Wide Work, so that funds can used for their greatest need.

    Like legal bills and settling abuse lawsuits.

  • LV101

    Perry -- I hope you're right about it nearing it's end. We can hope (which I gave up!) with any luck at all!

  • LV101

    I'm sure the cult's legal teams, CPAs, financial advisors are A-Team hitters and their monthly fees/retainers aren't standard. The class of professionals the cult needs aren't dependent on the WT for a nice house. I doubt WT can use their house counsel or witness lawyers at Bethel who aren't litigators -- WT needs plenty of big guns if the pedophile lawsuits are flying. The cult was used to beating up victims in the past, probably settling for peanuts, but I hope victims are standing up to this WT beast and have the best legal/pedophile representation out there.

  • FedUpJW

    Three or four years?

    So much for "soon"!

  • FedUpJW

    At the end, he frankly told the HQ rep who'd invited him that if things were being run that way at a secular business, heads would roll (paraphrasing, but that's the gist).

    When still alive my father who had been used at every level of the Borg made the comment, "If any secular business kept financial records the same way the WT does they would be in jail!" Sounds like my dad wasn't a loan candle in the wind saying that.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Let me play one from Morpheus book. The Watchtower is not in any economic trouble, not yet. They just want to sell at the height of the real estate market (right now). There's no question that the shrinking membership is a problem for the future, but they may still have plenty of cash. From what I can see, they don't spend very much on anything. Unlike real charities that give back to the community, the Watchtower gives nothing back and has volunteers doing everything.

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