Aztec, where are you?

by RAYZORBLADE 16 Replies latest jw friends


    Aztec...where are you?

    I remember something about the possibility that she may be moving.

    I know the format on this forum has changed, but I'm sure she could access it. Just hope she and her family are well.

    Maybe she did become a Detroit Red Wing afterall.

    If you are away Aztec, just want to know if all is well. Take care!


    Oh Aztec, if you ain't skating triple or quadruple axels on Lake St. Clair tonight, I don't know what to believe.

    Your Red Wings, clobbered my beloved Maple Leafs: 7 to 2

    Hope you're keeping well. I haven't had any hockey teasing as of late.

    Take care, wishing you and your family well.

    Looks like the cup will remain in Detroit, (Stanley) for a bit longer.

  • Brummie

    I was wondering about aztec too, hope all is well.


  • MrMoe

    Hope things are OK. Aztec, come out come out wherever you are!

  • SheilaM

    Aztec WE IS LOOKIN FOR YOU Hey also what about Ruby Tuesday hmmm I haven't heard hide-nor-hair from one of my favorite chickies?

  • SixofNine

    I'm keeping her chained to the bed, folks. So far, no indication she want's to be released.


    Here is the thread Aztec started some time ago about 'moving'.

    Perhaps this is what's happening:

    SixofNine, I dunno, I have a feeling when you're not looking, Aztec is filing that chain . Those Detroit chix are pretty tough - and her son is taking karate lessons... - anyways...yes, we all hope she is well.

  • outnfree

    Well, last night, as the folks here in Dallas were enjoying Spiritual Food provided by someone withOUT a penis , aztec was hopefully enjoying some good association with her fellow 'postates in the Greater Detroit Area. At least, that should have been the plan.

    I'll investigate further upon my return to Michigan.

    We love you, Aztec!!!!


  • pettygrudger

    Brenda - no, she didn't show up last night - and to tell you the truth I'm worried now too - I lost her phone number, but I do plan to make a trip to her home this week to see what's going on - haven't heard hide nor hair in quite a while now!

  • teejay

    >>> We love you, Aztec!!!! Copy that.

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