Aztec, where are you?

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  • outnfree

    This just in!


    I saw the thread on Simon's site wondering where I was. I'm fine so don't worry. My Internet Explorer has bitten the dust (damn you Bill Gates) and I have to use Mozilla as a browser. Unfortunatly it is very incompatible with certain sites. I can read Simon's site but I can't post or chat. It kinda sucks but I am getting alot done around the house...LOL

    I would have gone to the meetup in Detroit yesterday but I still don't have a car:( Hopefully I will make it to the next one!

    Take care!

    Love ya,

    Oh yeah and feel free to post what I said and tell Rayzorblade that the
    Maple Leaf's do indeed suck so nah nah boo boo!:D Lord Stanley's Cup is STAYING in Hockeytown!!!

    Lord Stanley's Cup is STAYING in Hockeytown!!!

    All I can say is, "AMEN, Aztec!" and you others, put your fears to rest, kids... she's OK. G'night and God Bless! LOL


    P.S. so Rhonda -- how'd it go?


    Thank goodness!

    Glad to hear all is well.

    Just one note there Ms. Aztec, Toronto Maple Leafs are 1 point ahead of the Detroit Red Wings .

    Aztec, glad to read you are well. Play the lottery, win some money and spoil you and your son rotten.

    If the Wings win the cup this year, I'll wear a DRW jersey for 24 hours. IF we win, you have to wear blue and white, and send paper boats of 'Congratulations' across the Detroit River to Windsor , Ontario. I'll have someone I know in Windsor be on the other side to pick them up. (hehee)

    Oh yeah, and I'll drink Vernors instead of Canada Dry; eat Cabana potato chips instead of Lays......if your Wings cheat and win Lord Stanley's beer mug.

  • pettygrudger

    Brenda - it was quiet - only a few showed, but in a way that was very nice! Gave us a chance for real 1:1 conversation (which is kinda difficult when there's so many!). Dave, Jann, Susanna & I was it - but it was alright! Susanna & I have decided we're fest busters!

    Carrie - I lost your phone number - so if you still have mine call me! I would have picked you up. And we gotta do the Ceasarland thing again soon as well!. Does your e-mail address work?

  • Aztec

    Testing one two three...

  • Aztec

    I can post at work apparently so YAY!!! Thanks for posting my email Brenda! I forgot I have a working computer at work cause I never use it. Oh well, I have been fine and my Red Wings are kicking some ass so I am happy!

    Rhonda, my email is working fine. If you want I will resend you my phone number. I'd love to hang out with you and your son again!

    Rayzorblade, I have a better idea..when the Wings win again why don't you come to Detroit and party with us! I don't get online much at work so if you want, feel free to email [email protected]

    Thanks everyone!


  • Crazy151drinker

    Well im glad Aztec is still around Where did Ruby go???????


    Torture, Teasing and the Penalty Box.


    I may have to get down to Detroit and root (the Aussies laugh at this North American usage) for the Maple Leafs when they play at Joe Louis Arena.

    Something tells me if the Leafs win, I may have to high tail it for the river and swim back to the Canadian side. (HMCS Terrance&Philip)

    No throwing octopus on the ice, or at me .

    Glad you're back Aztec. We all missed you.

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