Michael Jackson.....again!

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    Well, I'm not especially an MJ fan, so I'm not terribly biased about it one way or another... but I have had journalistic experience and Bashir's interview was one of the worst I've ever seen... The value in the interview IMO was seeing Mikey's house.. his kids... and Mikey's eccentricities... but I gotta say... I definately think Bashir (sp?) really blew it this time. If I were his boss, I'd fire him.

    The guy made his career on Princess Di (she walked all over him) and it looks like the King of Pop has cooked his goose.. I mean really... The guy doesn't do royalty, of any kind, well at all... Absolutely no integrity, no credibility at all...He's not a journalist... he's a tabloid sweetheart... trying too hard to be the consumate celebrity himself... Frankly he sucks, (and apparently that's his gameplan during interviews too .) he doesn't know the difference between being a pundit and a journalist....

    Bashir's interview looked as if he held himself out as some sort of arrogant authority figure playing Papa Bashir to poor screwed up Baby Mikey...... Bi g mistake.. a journalist, appearing to be personally involved... even holding the kidlets' hands in public...and cooing Mikey up... the hero worship that was going on during those interviews was nauseating..... he might as well have crawled up Mikey's backside....it was a disgusting display... and no, journalists don't have to do that to get interviews... Look at Barbara Walters... Dianne Sawyer... Dan Rather... any of them.. can you imagine them doing that? No way... how could anyone trust anything Bashir says after seeing him in action? You'd be a fool to.

    It was good that Mikey was taping the interviews as well. It should have been a hint to Bashir not to play the game like that.. but no... Bashir apparently thinks he can weather being exposed as a total moron!... Can you say edipus?.... I mean really, is there anyone who didn't know Mikey was eccentric? Really eccentric? But now everyone knows Bashir is a complete idiot too!

    To someone that's had even relatively little experience in journalism, what was going on there should have been obvious... and Mikey's tapes show what really happened. It was that in 8 months of interviewing Mikey... No-talent Bashir had nothing special.. he had the "typical" Jackson interview... rare, but typical, he should have left it at that but no... he had to have something meatier than what he had... so he did a little creative editing...it's called "the old pitch and ditch"... intimate a sex/child abuse scandal to make it sell... and if you think about it... really, what in that interview did anyone see that was "News"? nuthin... We all know mikey thinks he's a kid (Peter Pan to be more specific)... we've known that for years... why else would the guy have an amusement park named Neverland for a backyard? Yes he's had plastic surgery and he's embarassed about it... big deal, wouldn't you be if that's how you ended up lookin? ...He got mobbed at a zoo thus endangering his children.... now that was interesting... considering Mikey was there for 3 wholde minutes before he got mobbed.... I wonder who tipped the press?...someone clearly did... is it too much of a far cry to think that Bashir might have done it?...now that's a thought eh... things that make ya say hmmmm.... And then there's the kid sleeping in Mikey's bedroom thing.... well didn't Bashir play turnabout on that... first it's very spiritual... almost miraculous.... then it's Mikey the perv....You know.. on balance, I do think Mikey has problems... not the least of which is having effective people around him that should advise and protect him from being exploited like that... Hey Mikey.... fire the lot of them! and hire people that you will actually listen to once in a while eh!... I don't know if MJ is a pedophile or not... and no, I don't think it's appropriate for MJ to have minor children of other people sleeping in his bedroom, especially when he's in there, and he should know better by now... he got nailed for millions before...basically about the same thing... But I'd really like to know where the parents of these children are? (Now that's a good question, why didn't Bashir ask that one?.... Gee, how good can the guy be? ) If my kids were going to "Uncle Mikey's" house... there is no way they would be sleeping over without me... and there's no way they would be sleeping in Mikey's room... Now, that's just asking for trouble, don't ya think? huhhhh... answered my own question.. apparently there isn't much thinking going on there....

    Inq of the "I'm just not that gullible" class

  • happyout

    To Sara Annie - I don't know if you are really familiar with bi-racial children, but I personally know several who have black MOTHERS and look white. It's an amazing thing within the black race, the genes can be recessive for a while, and come out years later. I believe they are his biological kids, he could have made HUGE PRESS if he adopted kids, so there would be no point in hiding that. And believe me, despite his weirdness, he would have been able to find a country that would allow him to adopt children.

    Just FYI.

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie


    Thanks for the information. In my personal experience (which is relatively limited, let's say maybe 10 friends who are parents of bi-racial kids) I haven't noticed any children who looked as completely and totally caucasian as Jackson's who have one black parent and one white parent. My personal experience is limited, admittedly, and it's entirely possible that he's the bilogical father of all of the children. As to who on earth would let the man adopt a children given his personal weirdness factor, I guess money could go a long way in convincing the powers that be...

  • Ed
    To someone that's had even relatively little experience in journalism, what was going on there should have been obvious...

    I have absolutely no experience with journalism whatsoever, and even I could see what the guy was up to, even before seeing the “Take 2” version. A lot of so-called journalism is like that. I very rarely watch “current affairs” type shows these days… it’s all snipped and twisted around to suit someone’s agenda. No thanks, if I wanted brainwashing I could have just stayed with the JWs.

  • Liberty

    Hi again Sara Annie,

    I'm the guy you hated in the legalized drug debate but I'm on your side in this one. There is no way MJ's kids are his real bio offspring. I've known numerous biracial children and seen hundreds more and it is clear as day, even through the masks and viels, that these kids are all white and couldn't possibly be MJ's bio kids. Racial traits are not recessive genes, they cannot be masked unless there is very little of them left in one of the breeding pairs. MJ was clearly of a strong African mix before his "transformation" and these strong traits would be transmitted to his real children. My best friend is as red headed, blue eyed, "pure" white as they come and his wife is only 1/2 black but their kids still have dark wavey hair and brown skin and distinct African features, as have all mixed race kids I've observed ( includind albinos, a true recessive gene, even without any pigmentation these children had clearly visible African traits). I'd bet the masks are really there to hide this fact for MJ's kids since other much richer people don't make their kids wear masks.

    I want to be clear on this, I don't care about race, I only care about the truth and MJ is a proven liar, (did/didn't know mother of 3rd child, didn't have extreme plastic surgery, has a billion$, Bubbles washes windows, etc.) he is also lying about these kids. They are not his bio offspring, he clearly bought them, period. He lies to keep the authorities from taking these kids away because if they are not his bio offspring he has not gone through legal adoption channels.

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie

    Oh Liberty, I didn't hate you in the drug debate. That's silly. You just made a really ridiculous analogy in a response post that rubbed me totally the wrong way.

    As to the children being biologically his, I will agree that there is a slim possiblity that they may be his children. I am not a geneticist, and I can't remember how to construct a Punnett square to determine the probability of children born to Michael Jackson with a caucasion appearance. I will also say that even though my knowledge of all iterations of bi-racial children is not extensive, I've never ONCE seen a tow-headed, straight haired white child with a black biological parent. In my opinion, those children are not his biologically. It's more likely in my opinion that he snatched them out of momentarily stranded strollers at a local Toys R Us than sired them genetically.

    If they are adopted, so be it. I have no issue (beyond the "Holy Crap, who would give that freak a baby!" argument) with his having adopted children. It's the pretense that he somehow created these children with a woman in any sort of natural manner that sickens me.

    The really amazing thing to me about this thread is the number of people who have railed against "biased journalism", but take as gospel truth the edited portions of Jackson's response. It's not as if the interviewer being vilified has cornered the market on spin, people. Isn't it more likely that the "truth" lies somewhere between the two versions?

  • happyout

    Liberty and Sara Annie - I don't want this to degenerate into a recessive gene argument, but let me just gently remind you of a term used in the days of slavery .... "passing". This applied to children who had white (often slave master) fathers, and black (usually slave) mothers. Because they were so light skinned, and because they did not have obvious "African" features, they could pass for white. The pigment of the mother's skin in many cases was dark, but it did not show in their initial offspring. Did it come back in future generations? I have no clue. Also, since we did not get a good look at the children's faces, it is entirely possible that they do have some type of ethnic features (none of us knows for sure), but the absence of that means nothing. Is there a possibility that they are not his biological children? With him, anything is possible. But to base your opinion solely on their skin tone and possibly their hair color (which, at least on the older boy appeared to be dyed) is short sighted at best. And again, I have PERSONAL FRIENDS (ok, only two, but they are not related to one another) who I did not know were black until they told me. And that was something, because I am black, and usually we can "tell our own".

  • Mulan
    and who the hell is Dr Phil and his can of whoopass anyway

    Dr. Phil McGraw, a psychologist from Texas, who tells it like it is. He has an extremely popular television show here in the U.S., where he regularly tells men they are jerks, and asks someone, who is vigorously defending their choices, "how's that working out for you?"

    He has written several books too.

  • ScoobySnax

    OK Mulan..... I still reckon Dr Phill and his can of Texan whoop-ass would wither from just one look of Anne Robinson..... "Dr Phill, ....your Texan style whoopass IS the weakest link.......GOODBYE!""

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    What is going to happen is 10 or 15 years from now there will be several young men come forward and tell stories of how Michael Jackson abused them. I am 40 years old, do you think for one minute that if Child Protective Services found out I was sleeping in the same bed with 10-12 year old boys that I wouldn't be arrested immediately?

    Michael Jackson is no "Peter Pan" weirdo. At best he is a very disturbed man who has very confused ideas about himself and his sexuality and he expresses them in a dysfunctional way to children. At worst, he is no better than a common pedophile; except he has a billion dollars and worldwide fame. What he is doing with his own children is wrong, and these poor kids don't have a chance. They're going to be screwed up adults. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to take the blinders off.

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