Michael Jackson.....again!

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  • ScoobySnax

    ....and who the hell is Dr Phil and his can of whoopass anyway......I heard of Judge Judy though..... See I look at it this way, the camera that MJ set up seemed to show more of the truth than an edited finish that Bashir showed. Get me?

  • xray

    Who cares what sort of person Bashir is. He is just the interviewer. The point of the interview was to illuminate the personality and activities of MJ, not the interviewer. To do this a journalist needs to leave no stone unturned and will use the friend and foe routines to get the subject to open up. So in that respect Bashir is a good journalist, although it does appear that MJ was rather inexperienced at interviews and was an easy target.

  • Francois


    Where else but in America can a middle class black male baby grow up to be an outrageously wealthy white woman? I axe you?

    When MJ responded to the "face lift" question with, "Plastic surgery? They made that up," remark, he lost whatever credibility he ever had with me, which wasn't much.

    If I never hear, or hear of, that mutant again it will be too soon


  • WildHorses
    Where else but in America can a middle class black male baby grow up to be an outrageously wealthy white woman? I axe you?

    LOL Francois, Nikki saw the commercial for the interview and she asked me.................Mama, how come when Micheal was a child he was black and now that he is grown up, he is white?

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie

    The question I have that no one has been willing to answer is where in the world did he get those white children? Those kids are not bi-racial, and no matter what color his skin is now, the man is genetically black. I don't believe those children are biologically his, and no one seems willing to step up and confront THAT lie... The man is a horror.

  • freedom96

    The original show displayed once again, that any viewpoint can be skewed to show whatever that person wants you to see.

    This interviewer is a liar, and was only out to make some publicity. He certainly achieved that didn't he?

  • TorturedSoul
  • qwerty

    What happened to Gails rapid eye blinking?

    If last nights Corri did not start it off again what will !?

    MJ......Well although he as got "problems", I feel sorry for him. He's an XJW remember.



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    Hope you have a good catch.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    If we were all judges, we would all be dead! An interesting quote is made at James 2:10, "For whoever observes all the law but makes a false step in ONE point, he has become an offender against them ALL".

    Guest 77

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