Are Jehovah's Witnesses A Force For Good In The Community?

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  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Temporary satisfaction of their community is all I could think about.

    Nothing in my community I am aware of - oh, wait - the troubling of some people who are both violent and with selective cognition impairment - through keeping alive certain ideas about "God threats" - I suppose that it's good - though I'm not sure - come to think of it, it might just be good for the "non-badies".

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    We teach harmony between the races, nationalities and social groups

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Is a pact a harmony? I don't think so.

    Sounds like a lie.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Are Jehovah's Witnesses A Force For Good In The Community

    HELL NO!

  • Buster

    Some time ago, I was reading a CD of Watchtowers from 1912 or so. Therein, Chucky was explaining why he and his buddies would not join in a clerical call for peace in the world. His logic was that the increase in war was prophesied and therefore must occur. That is to say, to pray for peace in the world is to ask for things contrary to Jehovah's will.

    This attitude has been a part of the dubbies ever since.

    Picture a time when your neighbor's house is being broken into, would a dubbie call the police? Remember that an increase in lawlessness is prophesied. Would helping a neighbor be working against God's will? It seems like a logical extrapolation from the Russel era.

    They are lousy community members. We've all been there. The witnesses think that all this stuff that happens in the world is 'as it should/must be.'

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    well in my area; there a few mentally retartard people. i known all my life. well the wt has taken them. in now they are full time pioneers. does making slaves of the handicapped count , as doing good for the town? john

  • minimus

    PEOPLE,PLEASE GIVE US BETTER ANSWERS!!!......Blondie, you're gonna miss your regular spiritual food intake.

  • berylblue

    Well, I can't speak for every Witness, although I certainly will speak about them....

    I do not myself know what individual Witnesses did when the elders weren't watching, as far as the community goes. For myself, I vehemently opposed the Society's views that good Witnesses did not give to charity, for that would be showing lack of faith in God's ability to solve the situation,and turning to man instead. Now tell me, how does giving $100 to an abused women's shelter show a lack of faith in God? Why are we not to do everything in our power to help people in distressing situations now? The future may or may not be paradise on earth, but the fact is that we are living NOW. People need help NOW. Dreaming of eternal picnics in paradisaic conditions in the future does not ward off hunger pangs today. I knew WItnesses who were in actual turmoil because they were told by the WTS that they could not contribute to the United Way yet were being harrassed by employers to do so. I was asked my advice on this more than a few times. Now, what -rational- person needs to worry about how the WTS feels about giving $20 to the Humane Society???? Or even gives a damn?

    I'm digressing. If there were Witnesses who contributed to the community in a genuine way (as opposed to telling persons about Jehovah, which I DO think is positive IF combined with loving, self-sacrifing assistance in other matters, like giving food to a hungry family), I never heard about them. Why would I? It had to be kept a secret for fear of being reproved or worse.

    I did my best at the time. True, most of my meager gifts of food and money were contributed to those in the KH, but that's because that -was- my community. My only one. I allowed the WTS to convince me to adopt a very narrow social circle. My fault. But I most certainly tried to help anyone I knew who was in need, on a personal level. I never felt I had the skills or talents to contribute on a larger level


  • undercover

    While there are issues with the pedophile issue and there are wolves amongst the sheep looking to fleece the unsuspecting, I would have to say that the average, everyday Joe and Jane Witness are good community people. Not that they are generous, charitable people, but good, quiet, clean, law-abiding, tax paying citizens. They may not get involved in charities or political drives or school programs, but they don't cause problems either. I think part of it is because they don't want to bring attention to themselves(and have to explain their whole belief system) so they lay low and out of trouble.

    Does this mean that they are a force for good in the community? Not really. They may stay out of trouble, but they aren't helping anyone either.

    Of course there are many who can tell terrible stories about some JWs. And there is the whole DFing thing, splitting families apart. So you can weigh the good against the bad and it will probably come out a wash. So as a force for good they are a washout.

  • minimus

    Beryl, Very insightful post........Sad, isn't it, to feel afraid of letting anyone know that you gave to a good cause but could get into trouble for not meeting the Watchtower standards? JW's think that as long as they provide spiritual food for suffering people, physical food is unimportant. If some need shelter or sustenance, they are instructed to never be anxious over anything. Remember the experience of the brother in the concentration camp? He was starving and prayed to Jehovah for food and miraculously, a RAT brought him some bread. That little piece of bread is all the JW REALLY needed. So don't worry about it! Just preach!!!

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