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  • archangel01

    Perfect love has NO Fear tell her to read the book of JOHN. Also by WTS LAW NOT GODS she can't say anything to you not even write you a letter.Maybe you should just act normal and if she ask tell her "What Letter, I never got no letter" and show her the script about shunning from another Bible and compair it to the NWT and you will find the meanings are different. Different how......Meaning when you turn your back on JESUS/GOD not the WTS, also the real bible use the word "REJOICE" meaning if you find someone that doesn't want to believe in Jesus of course your not happy but you just don't talk about bible stuff, doesn't mean you can't talk to the person, I mean how are you to win them back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read the book by raymond franz "IN SEARCH OF CHRISTIAN FREEDOM" it's a BIG WHITE BOOK and There is a CHA. on how the Bible said otherwise about shunning and how the WTS distorts the teachings of JESUS and how they CHANGED the bibles greek scripts(NWT) to fit their believes. In GOD's eyes thats a NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crinklestein

    Agreed! The Bible says nothing about turning your back against a congregation or an organization. It says turning your back on GOD! If you still believe in God, how have you done that? You haven't! By turning your back on this corupt organization you are following the scriptures when it says that the false prophet can be identified by claiming to be from God and who's prophesies have not come true and to flee from them.

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