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  • 95stormfront
    I told her that the next time she visit her son in prison for killing someone just remember why you can't speak to me .

    There is really someting wrong with her thinking processes when a killer can get more respect from her than someone whose chosen not to follow WT nonsense. Perhaps in prison he's still a JW in good standing.

    It's probably a good thing she wrote that in a letter. If I was told that in my home they'd be told to not let the door hit them in the a$$ on the way out.

  • Pistoff

    OH so typical. Of course the reason is that the society CLAMPED down on the softening attitudes about df'd ones; I have seen it in my hall too. I am not df'd but have family that is. There was nothing new in the KM article in December, but you would think it was NEW LIGHT the way it was discussed.

    After 26 Your mother in law is brain dead, sorry. For the technicality of being dunked when you were probably underage, you are now being shunned.

    These people are such bastards.

  • Buster

    Time to chime in with some others.

    If I'm on the receiving end instead of you: Not only is mumsie-in-law not welcome in my house, but I can't let my children be around people that would treat their father that way. That is an abuse of her position of 'grandmother.' It puts children right in the middle. Here is where you need to stand up for your children. They shouldn't have to choose between Gramma and Dad but that is where she is putting them. And your wife needs to damn well see it that way too.

    Good luck,

    - Cliff

    (of the 'sick of hearing of broken families' class)

  • SixofNine
    With Love, your mom in law

    My reply would be, "I don't know what it is, but that's not love".

  • gumby

    As you are very well aware my loyalty to Jehovah is very important to me and comes before anything and anyone.

    "But....if MY ORGANISATION changed, and said I can treat you as normal since you no longer want to be recognized as a witness.........then I would change my mind with THE ORGANISATION and treat you the same..........but I'm loyal to Jehovah and not an Organisation" Makes me wanna puke!

    Sorry you have to deal with this.


  • Maverick

    Ask your Mother-in-law how she can reconcile her attiude with Jesus parable of the Prodigal Son? If they were J-duds the father could have been shunned for having a meal with his son. Or the Good Samaritan. These people were considered "apostates" by the Jews. Jesus used them to teach the unloving, self-righteous, judgmental Jews who their neighbors really were. The GB tell the membership God will do the judging but then they turn around and act as if the judgement was in fact already made. Jesus said you would know his people by the love they had. He was accused, by the Pharisee, of committing apostasy by eating with "sinners" and tax collectors and women of ill repute. I guess Jesus would be unwelcome in the company of these faithful worshipers of the GoverningBodyGod! Yours, Maverick

  • garybuss

    If she sees my kids, it's over my cold dead body. . . . . .

    What a mess! Sorry!

  • Beans

    Perhaps you should send her a letter saying what the Watchtower says NOW!

    Do you shun former members?
    Those who simply cease to be involved in the faith are not shunned. In compliance with the Scriptures, however, members can be expelled for serious unchristian conduct, such as stealing, drunkenness, or adultery, if they do not repent and cease such actions. Disfellowshipping does not sever family ties. Disfellowshipped members may continue to attend religious services, and if they wish, they may receive pastoral visits. They are always welcome to return to the faith.—1 Corinthians 5:11-13.

    For more interesting Watchtower Quotes go to


  • crinklestein

    What I get a kick out of is that she said Jehovah comes first before anything and anyone. That is unscriptural. The Bible says that a persons family comes FIRST BEFORE God. God comes second.

  • ashitaka

    It's such a shame that she loves you, but is so brainwashed that she will love her murderer son and treat him better than a good man who she doesn't share religious views with. Religious bigotry at it's worst.


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