Perhaps it is time.......

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  • sf

    ...that I return home to my mother. I can't keep fighting this fight anymore. I'm torn daily with ambivelance re: the wtbts. I mean this corruption has gone on for decades. We aren't gonna shut her down anytime soon and my kid is growing up and my time is spent trying to get news to media outlets, politicians, talk show hosts, lawyers, doctors, teachers, anyone who will listen. Guess what!? No one cares!! That is the reality about this. No one cares.

    I care, yet I care more about how my daughter grows in spirituality than I do about TED JARACZ. So, I think I'm done with this fight.

    I might feel differently in the morning, after a good cry, a long hot oil bath and a good sleep. Somehow though, I don't think so.

    Ted Jaracz has occupied too much of me, in too many ways. Time is ticking away.........


  • Scully

    Sometimes even Kult Krime Fighters need to take off their Super Hero Kapes for a while and just be normal folks again.

    There will always be plenty of Watchtower Butt to Kick. You can take a break and enjoy the view from the sidelines for a while. We'll let you know when Ted's bare bottom is ready for you to come and whack it.

    Love, Scully

  • Prisca

    Kult Krime fighters? Hey(((sKallyWagger))),Girl you need some time off,you`ll be back..Go enjoy your life and kid`s..We`ll still be here...OUTLAW

  • Prisca

    ((((skally)))) - Your health and well-being, and that of your daughter, will pay you more dividends than fighting a corporation ever will.

    Take a break from things, and use your time to spend on you and your family. I am sure doing that will bring more satisfaction than fighting a corrupt corporation ever will.

  • Farkel


    : So, I think I'm done with this fight.

    Good call. Take care of yourself and those you love. There are plenty of other people to take up the good fight. You can come back when you are refreshed and when you want to come back.

    I've often worried about the time you've spent on dub issues and that you may have neglected to take care of yourself and those you love in that fight.

    Do what works for you. Always.

    Yeah, I know you hate my guts, but I don't hate your guts and only wish the best for you.


  • unclebruce

    i found yer problum mr farkystein .. it's that big fat tongue o' yours! :) .. now, fess up ol' cunalingera - where'd ya post the pick of me and the new miss's that OUTLAWS holler'n about?

    unclebruce who's checked 68 pages of limp teenage jokes and needs a [u]proper[/u] laugh.

    Revelation Scally Chap 69: "The tongue is suck a little member, but size ain't what it's all about"


    Hey Scally .. take care sweetheart - jw moms bite! (and they got weird diseases and stuff :) XX

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Hi SF, I've been waiting for your email, nothing yet. I know what you mean about people not caring. I live in a community where people are giving up their rights for priviledges, how sad. We all need a pat on the back. Your a fighter sf, even fighters need time off. Wishing you and the family good health.

    Guest 77

  • AGuest

    Dearest Skally... may you have peace, truly... not in the way the "world" (i.e., George Bush?) gives it... but that which originates with Christ.

    I offer you this wish for peace because based on your words that:

    No one cares!! That is the reality about this. No one cares.

    now may be the time for you to "hear" what my Lord meant when he said:

    "The world... is fond of its OWN."

    The WTBTS touts itself as being "no part of the world." But that is a blatant LIE: they are FAR more steeped in the world than many they themselves hypocritically malign and decry. How do we know? Because it is they who "hate" you, just as my Lord says, "the world hates you just as it has hated me."

    NO ONE on this planet hates you... or me... or those like us... more than the WTBTS, yes? And it is that hatred that makes them PART of the world, absolutely identifies them as such... versus the Master's identifying "mark" of LOVE... so that the world indeed DOESN'T care, just as you have pointed out.

    Because, again, it IS fond of its own.

    Take your rest, then, dear Skally, from fighting against them. Rather, go out and show yourself in love to all who will receive you... and forget the rest. For the fight against man is not ours... it is God's.

    I bid you the greatest of peace!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • email

    As some had already posted... I think you made the right decision by not fighting it anymore... I mean, you will NEVER stop fighting what you believe in... but just letting things BE will help you find happines within and by your actions you will give your mother and a lot of other people a valuable lesson in LOVE and how people really should be treated.

    Take care and know you can always come here and vent if you need to do so...

    Best wishes,


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