Is the USA too big?

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  • freemindfade
    the American people need to stop expecting Washington DC to do everything and let the states handle those things that are within their area of responsibility.

    Amen to that

    Here is another interesting questions, whats the difference between a Democrat and socialist lol

  • LoveUniHateExams

    There is always the possibility that some people, even some US citizens, want the end of the union of American states as it exists today.

    Maybe, for these people, the size of the US has nothing to do with their political dreams and desires.

    In the UK we have devolution.

    This means that Wales and Scotland get their own parliament or assembly (e.g. Jeremy Corbyn is an MP but Nicola Sturgeon is an MSP, Member of Scottish Parliament).

    Wales has the Welsh Assembly.

    Now take England. The same people who are for Wales and Scotland having their own parliament/assembly are very quiet about the same thing applying to England - and at least partially as a consequence England doesn't have her own national assembly or parliament. But these people or similar people are in favour of England being divided up politically into areas. England is a tiny country so it can't be because it's considered too big.

    Thankfully, England hasn't yet been politically divided up into areas.

    I'd imagine a majority of English citizens are against this absurd idea ...

  • LoveUniHateExams

    whats the difference between a Democrat and socialist - Democrats are part-time socialists, whereas socialists do it full-time.

  • Apostate Anonymous
    Apostate Anonymous

    Democrats ultimately still support Capitalism. Regardless of the "Socialistic" type of policies they occasionally propose to appease Progressives.

    Even the Democratic Socialism proposed by Berniecrats is just a "nicer" version of Capitalism. But still involves Capitalism nonetheless.

    Unless someone is literally calling for workers to seize the means of production and put it under the control of the workers, it's hard for me to see how they are socialists. Just saying.....

  • Diogenesister

    Apostate Annonymous Nice post!

    Love Uni potty, isn't it, the whole regional government thing for tiny England.

    It will be very interesting if Scotland ever gives the "yes" vote ( which, like Australia, may happen once the Queen dies) as to what we will do If they rejoin the EEU.Can you imagine a border on the 'borders'!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Love Uni potty, isn't it, the whole regional government thing for tiny England - yes, it seems kaka-kookoo, but I fear it may be more than that.

    There are linguistic differences between North Walian and South Walian people and a certain amount of rivalry, but if any politician suggested divvying Wales up he would be seen as a fruitcake; it would probably spell the end of his political career.

    Scottish people aren't of one ethnic identity or heritage. People in the north west have Gaelic heritage and are likely to have Mc or Mac at the front of their surnames; people from Shetland and Orkney have Norse heritage and are likely to be called Anderson and Hansen. But there'd be hell to pay if a politician suggested dividing up Scotland. Whether Scots have Pictish, Gaelic, Brythonic (Welsh), Norse or English heritage, they still identify as Scottish.

    The fact that politicians don't treat England the same way suggests they don't have England's best interests at heart.

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