Is the USA too big?

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  • scratchme1010
    I'm not sure if my question will be seen so I thought I'd start a thread: what does everyone, particularly our US cousins, think about this statement?

    The size of the country doesn't necessarily affect the spirit of what it was written for. Also, there is no need for fragmentation either. It is already fragmented into, well, 50 STATES.

    Would it help, or hinder, issues like immigration, national security, safety and gun control ?

    No. The issue with whatever problem, real or perceived, has nothing to do with the size of the country.

    And if you had the choice which states would you like to be together and, or, live in if you got to make the decision?

    No changes. The issues here are not laws, nor the size of the country, nor which state should be together with which state. Not to mention that segregation and dividing things (and USA has quite a history on that, yet they still don't learn the lesson) doesn't work.

    Or would you keep it just as it is ( do you maybe have just one state you would jettison, and why ?!!!)

    I don't see what the rationale behind separating or segregating states will do. Sometimes I wonder about New Jersey... but that's what every other New Yorker does. Joke, aside, no. Separating states is not a solution to anything. What would be next, deporting people to the other states when they don't agree? What makes people think that an entire state, every single person in it shares the exact same ideology? And most importantly, what does any of it has to do with a shooting in a school?

    Also, is the second amendment, in your opinion, relevant in the modern world and would you keep it in your dream union?

    It is, in my opinion. When it was implemented the forefathers might have something completely different in mind than what the NRA today has, but it should remain in the constitution. Besides, the issues we face today have nothing to do with laws or the constitution. You cannot legislate attitude.

  • Diogenesister

    Thank you Scratchme1010 that was very interesting.

  • Outahere

    Yes the US is too big.

    Clownifornia is making noises like it wants to break away. Might be a good thing for the rest of the country.

  • Boredposter

    No, the United States is not too big. Let New York be New York and Texas be Texas. This is why we are best as a republic. The states should have more say in local decisions and the federal government should have less say over the states. However, for security reasons we need to stick together because we are stonger together than apart. I believe Lincoln already showed us that.

  • zeb

    Jeff T.

    similar thing here where the states pay in their GST but the most populace (therefore votes) but smaller area get a far bigger share in Federal spending.

    Western Australia which by its massive mining has propped up the other states for years gets a negative federal funding. make sense? no it doesn't to me either. Neither major party in govt in the west have the balls to deal with this.

    A Russian scholar predicted that during the lifetime of the Obama admin the US would occur break down into several politically 'fundamentalist' and 'rump' states but it did not happen. It would have been interesting to hear his reasons.

  • hoser

    We have the same problem in Canada. The guys running the show( Ontario and Quebec ) seem to have no clue or care to what happens in the rest of the country.

    We in Alberta have more in common with Texas than we do with our next door neighbour British Columbia

    British Columbia should join Washington, Oregon, and California to form a country of their own.

    Alberta , Saskatchewan and Manitoba should join the states that lie between the Mississippi and the continental divide and form a country.

    Everybody east of the Mississippi can form their own country.

  • Bobcat

    Zeb, the Russian scholar is Igor Panarin. Google him. Wikipedia has an article that explains his thinking. The Kremlin was interested enough to hear him out. If I remember correctly, he was worried that a US break up might go bad for the world at large, depending on how it occurred.

  • DesirousOfChange

    British Columbia should join Washington, Oregon, and California to form a country of their own.

    Give me a minute to think about if we (US moderates) want to give up CA, OR, WA?

    Yeah, OK! BC can have them!

  • sir82

    I think eventually the USA will split apart - not in the near future, probably not in my lifetime, but before another 100 years have passed. The differences are growing more pronounced and accelerating.

    I just hope a peaceful way to do so is found.

  • JaniceA

    I like the USA being united States, but the concept of states rights, which was big when abortion was a hot topic, is kind of ignored theses days. Abortion notwithstanding, I think we have lost sight of states rights as well as real statemanship.

    There is not even an attempt at any kind of dignity of respect in the political process.

    I saw a "debate" in Denmark and was reminded that some people have entirely topical conversations on issues and the only time politics were mentioned is as they were introduced In the discussion. No one went hollering about fake news, a previous administration or a failed candidate. That can still happen. Grown-up adults can still try to govern even when they have political differences. It was so refreshing.

    Would separating accomplish anything useful? With the clowns running this circus, I doubt it. They are no better than the inbred aristocracy that kept Europe warring for centuries.

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