Time To Make The JC's Accountable?

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  • Englishman

    Reading Jst2laws account of his and Joy's execrable treatment by his one-time friends, has really brought it home to me that the disfellowshippers need their knuckles rapped - and hard, too.

    When someone becomes disillusioned with their religion, they are in a very vulnerable and emotional state for quite a while. For that same religion then to, not only cast them out, but insist that their friends and families should do the same, is criminal to say the least.

    Yet, what accountability do these disfellowshippers have to face? I'll tell you - absolutely none! What they do acheive is a temporary closing in of ranks by the formation of a new common enemy, that new common enemy is, of course, the one who has just been disfellowshipped, who is now effectively gagged as surely as if he had a handkerchief rammed into his mouth.

    Meanwhile, the disfellowshippers have caused their mayhem but who protests at their decision other than the newly disfellowshipped person? No-one! They get away with it, Scot-free!

    Maybe we could take some action that would at least cause the disfellowshipped one to feel less alone and also make the JC's aware that their days of lording it over everyone are numbered. Here's what I suggest:

    Supposing that as many of us here as possible were to write a letter of complaint to Jst2laws and Joys JC about the treatment that they have received. Imagine if the JC were to receive, say, just 20 or 30 letters from all over the World holding them accountable for their bad behaviour and un-Christian conduct.

    The letters would, of course, have to be written in each volunteers own syle so that all the variously necessary points were made in condemnation of the JC's conduct.

    Once that had been done, each volunteer writer could save the copy of the letter so that it could be sent over and over again to other JC's as they went about their disfellowshipping procedures.

    This would mean that next time an established poster faces a disfellowshipping committee, said poster could then contact the letter volunteers and ask them to fire off letters to the JC expressing strong disapproval for their unchristian behaviour.

    What would this achieve? Firstly, it's an almighty self-esteem boost to the newly shunned poster, knowing that these untouchable so-and-so's are getting a taste of their own medicine. Secondly, if DF'ing roughly (very roughly) averages 1 per congregation per year, then a JC will, for the first time ever, start to anticipate at least some come-uppance for their bad treatment of their one-time brethren. If at the same time, they actually come to realise the error of their ways via the deluge of mail that they receive then a lot of good could also be done here.

    What I'm saying is that JC's need to experience accountability for their actions. Only then will some of them, just maybe some of them, think again before they commit another shunning outrage.


  • Simon

    I say we form an orderly mob

    Seriously, if 10 people turned up for 'moral support' at a JC I think it would be great. They intimidate people and like to outnumber people by upto 4, 5, 6 or more to 1. Let's turn the tables on them!


    "Let`s turn the tables on them"..Hey E-man,Should these pompous ass`s recieve all these letters,they will publicly blow them off as apostate letters..We know privately it will be a different matter.It will deeply upset them to recieve so many letters from around the world,from the"devils henchmen"LOL!..They will probably loose a bit of sleep and obsess over it for a long time to come..Anyone care to help make a few bully`s real uncomfortable? Could be fun.....OUTLAW

  • Stephanus

    Outlaw's right - a bunch of letters from all over the world would probably scare the pants off them - they've been told about the world's wrath being directed at them all their lives, and here it is. I think a few savoury hints about the eyes of the world being on them and their treatment of their brethren would not go astray.

  • anti-absolutism

    I'm in for either the letter writing or even showing up at a JC.

    I also personally think that they (elders on these commitees) already suffer by their own lack of a loving relationship with their higher power and that their dues will come long term, BUT....

    I've never really been a very patient person and it would not do any harm for them to realize salvation quicker either.

    Plus, the support for the person being df'd is a good enough reason all by itself.

  • jst2laws

    While this is an excellent idea it is as irony that it could start with this judicial committee. These are sincere and loving men who have had their own doubts. I am sure two of them have frequently dismissed their doubts with the old "Where else are we to go" false teaching (and biblical misquote). Until recently this body of elders was the most liberal I had served with. They were the target of the last two circuit overseers because of their liberality. The body unnanymously backed me against the CO two years ago when he lied about me to the Society. Once my behavior became too much to defend and some new arrivals imposed their conservatism things seem to have gone back to normal business loyally supporting the "faithful and discreet slave class".

    There are many real bastards out there who's self-righteousness borders on evil who really need to be shaken into accountability for their treatment of others. This is why I would support this idea. I would be willing to write letters for others.

    I hope, however, that rather than spew anger and threats, participants would appeal to some scriptural princibles, points of law or perhaps reasonableness and conscience. These qualities are usually set on hold when "mother" speaks. As stated by Englishman and others the shear impact of recieving objective letters for outside the congregations would be great.


  • Maverick

    I like it! I like being a radical reactionary and all around general pain in the A**. As for myself I will start working on a basic letter about the unloving, unchristian and therefore apostate nature of shunning and gossiping that is rampant in the WatchTower world. How do we fine out where to send them? Maverick

  • plmkrzy
    Meanwhile, the disfellowshippers have caused their mayhem but who protests at their decision other than the newly disfellowshipped person? No-one! They get away with it, Scot-free!

    It is pretty sickening how people behave when they get all hoity toity and given a green light to put them selves up on a pedal-stool

    And they don't even know the reason for thier suden elevation. ONLY! ! ! that someone said someone said. The absolute MOST cruel form of GOSSIP! Who's in and who' out, and if you consort with one who is out, then you're out as well.

    It's the same way in society in general, the same mind set but only with a turbo booster.

    People make me sick, especially lately. I'm sick and tired of being "nice" and always helping others then finding later down the road when I need help more people are to god damn buisy to get off there ass and contribute 5 min. of thier valuable time.

    But when THEY need something...THATS different. "Oh lets get so and so, she's always will to help out. Yeh, well NOT ANYMORE

  • expatbrit

    An excellent idea, Englishman. If this was turned into an established campaign, word would spread through the WT grapevine, and the knowledge that their actions will be public knowledge would quite likely result in some modified behaviour on the part of elders.

    Now, I would like to add a suggestion of my own: when writing the letter to the JC, send an additional copy, with an explanatory covering letter, to the local newspapers.

    This would be done with the approval of the person being disfellowshipped, of course. But if a small-paper editor suddenly receives a couple of dozen letters from all over the world talking about/protesting an appalling instance of emotional cruelty sanctioned and carried out by a local religious group, methinks that editor might interview the person and run a report in the local rag.

    Now imagine the pressure put upon the JC if they know that their actions are likely to be highlighted in the local news. I could imagine some humanisation and moderation of the judicial process taking place. Perhaps some JC's would not even take place.

    Again, a great idea Englishman. One which, with a bit of organisation, could have a real effect.


  • CoonDawg

    I'd be up for writing letters. I'd be appreciative if someone could outline a little something to go on. Some of the things that we may want to point out in each case. Sorry, I'm not necessarily the most self expressive and eloquent person around...sometimes, I just need a little kickstart.


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