Poll: When my PIMI wife comes back from meeting. she is a different person. how many out there experience the same and why?

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  • RubaDub

    They could be reading the phone book and she wouldn’t know the difference.

    Steel ...

    I remember the older sisters in the "car-group" say "Wasn't that a wonderful Tower today!" And I would ask them what specifically they learned. They went into the deer in the headlights mode.

    About the most you would get out of anybody was "it was encouraging."

    I quit asking.

    As you mention, in the meeting they could read the phone book or the Iliad in Greek backwards and you would get the same response.

    Rub a Dub

  • Steel

    I find it weird I pick her up after the meeting and we go look at Christmas lights.

    ” Isn’t that display pretty “.

    i laugh.

    Her friend works for a construction company and they were on a job in a business that decided to celebrate pride month. As soon as that rainbow flag went up , the crew left and the boss said we won’t be here as long as that flag is up. He wasn’t a witness but a Baptist.

    He referred to him as “ a really religious guy “ that Is why we are not working this week .

    I thought it was a weird thing to say. I laughed , it was kind of a Freudian slip .

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    You have to be a true believer to get that effect. I'd see the witnesses at work talking about the assemblies and how great it was that Armageddon was so close! Gave me the feeling that they were whispering and smiling because only they knew what was really going on.

    Most of my JW family in the past, never exhibited that. Ours was the opposite. Home from the meeting and nothing was said about anything that went on there.

    Meetings and assemblies have a more sinister result now that my sister, her family and I have left. My mother was all righteous over the latest instructions about shunning. That has also affected my still in younger sister her husband to treat us differently.

    Both reactions are annoying to say the least.

  • Moster

    I think she is just stupid. Never marry for looks.

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  • iwasblind

    Hey the borgs mind control techniques have been honed for 100+ years.

    I was lucky enough to come out together but this is how I would handle it, it is how we have handled family and some are slowly forgetting we are tainted. (we are not DF'd just faded)

    Treat her like an abuse victim - she is getting emotionally and mentally abused at every meeting.

    My advice is to show her real love and real joy. Find things you can do together so she can feel that there is happiness separate from the borg. I know this can be difficult but if you have no "agenda".

    Learn new things also, there are documentaries that are about other religions or history that might help her slowly realize also that you can do for fun instead of "here you need to see this". We were waking but watched a movie called Luther, I think it is youtube but that was really eye opening about the opposition Martin Luther faced.

    Hope that helps.

  • Vidiot
    RubaDub - "I remember the older sisters in the 'car-group' say 'Wasn't that a wonderful Tower today!' And I would ask them what specifically they learned. They went into the deer in the headlights mode."

    I remember doing that a couple times.

    You made your fun when, how, and where you could.


  • Vidiot
    Moster - "Never marry for looks."

    Most JWs don't, anyways.

    They marry for sex.

    Joke's on them, though.


  • fulano

    I have read that the same happens to people whose partners are Rosicrucian . The return from their gettogethers as different persons. Demons??

  • Gayle

    Their meetings at Hall or assemblies are their refills of brain wash (of negative sort).

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    This explains the behaviour perfectly: From the book CULTS,FAITH,HEALING AND COERCION,

    meeting regularly is "a means of instilling commitment and a sense of purpose. A member's emotional state may be highly vulnerable to disruptions of this routine, and a group gathering missed can become a source of distress. As one

    longtime AA member noted while describing his despair over everyday problems, "It always feels good to go to a meeting."



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