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  • patio34

    Good deal, Kat, for you and the Mrs.!

    LOL at Dakota!

  • Elsewhere

    What do I like?

  • patio34
  • happysunshine

    To expand on Elsewhere's sublime post-

    Of course in real life its more complicated, but from a 'carnal' perspective... clothes on a woman often don't matter at all. In fact, no clothes is best. The next best thing is simple, tight clothes- or ones that say scream "I'm available". Bulky, loose clothes are confusing, even suspect, as they can cover a lot of ground. Hair, accesories, etc.... waste of time, makeup dosen't taste good...yuk.

    Funny, before I became more cosmopolitan, I actualy found expensive,elegent clothes a turn-off. The woman looked like a high maintenance, golddigger.


    Think about it folks:

    The right answer is: NOTHING

  • WantTheTruth

    I heard the same survey a good while ago... it mentioned that the shoes a guy wears are also important; apparently if he looks after/ cleans his shoes... he will look after his women.... ummm.... not sure how that figures!

    I am a sucker for a pretty face... although it has recently dawned on me that this is really not the way to live... it has left me feeling jealous, insecure, sub-standard etc. For now I am very happy to be single.... ahhhh relief.

    It would be interesting to see what everyone looks like in this Group/ Thread.... if only so that I can feast my eyes on the women LOL !!!


  • Realist

    i would say the face of a woman counts at least 90%. clothing and body don't matter much as long as they are within normal parameters.

  • LB

    Yes we really do that.

    I've always noticed a smile first. That tells you a lot.

  • patio34

    LB, you succinctly answered the question. I still don't believe it though it'd be too embarrassing. The smile is important to both genders, I believe

    Razorblades, don't hold back on my account!

    Wantthetruth: good luck!

    HappySunshine, thanks for your ideas. I agree about the gold-digger look.


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