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  • patio34

    What to wear to attract the opposite sex

    This is from the book How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You.

    In a study, both men and women were shown pictures of members of the opposite sex. Some of the people in photos wore chic upscale clothes, and others wore less expensive ones that ranged from cheap to downright cheesy. The results?

    How the male was dressed was extremely important to the women whether it was for marriage potential or just a one-night stand. The better dressed a man was, the higher his marks were in all categories.

    But evolutionary theorists say that, even when considering casual romance (oh okay, a quickie), a woman subconsciously listens to her genes. When a man is well dressed, it signifies his ability to provide for her offspring. Don't blame the woman--it's instinct.

    How about what men prefer? The same researchers proved how relatively unimportant a woman's clothes are. If the women were attractive enough, it didn't matter to the men in the study how badly the women were dressed. No matter how ell the unattractive women were dressed, however, overall it was a no-go. With men, how you carry yourself, your hair, your nails, your makeup, your grooming, your friendliness--that's what scores. Any outfit will do as long as it's flattering. The man is going to mentally undress you anway.


    1. Women: does the quality of his clothing matter a great deal to you? Do you agree with the study?

    2. Men: Do you agree and do you really do that??


  • BeautifulGarbage

    Hi Pat,

    I watched a show on the Discovery Channel a few years ago that also supported that information. Especially regarding women wanting financially established males because instinctually they think their offspring would be supported properly.

    I'm also not suprised about the findings regarding males. I think the style of clothing is much more important to females than to males. It's done more to impress and compete with other woman. I seem to remember from this same program that males are instinctually attracted to women with wider hips because that signals fertility and an ability to carry many children. Still, I knew of plenty of amorous males that would gladly lower their standards of what is attractive to get some action. Especially at closing time.

    Again, we humans have the capability to think beyond our instincts. Take the well dressed dude, for instance. He may spend most of his paycheck on fancy clothes and still live at home with Mom. Or, the guy with the fancy sports car may barely be able to make the lease payments and has maxed out all of his credit cards.

    When I was in the early twenties I worked with a number of men that fit the above description. They had an abundance of flash, and style, with a healthy dose of expensive tastes. It's easy to have when you live in my area. Unfortunately, they didn't make a salary to match. They always seemed to have plenty of girlfriends, though!

    So, what did us young female bankers do? Well, when we had a good looking single male client, we would check his bank accounts. Mind you, we were not impressed with a large balance on a particular day. We wanted AVERAGES. Six months and year. It was our vow that we would never want to date a guy that had a bank account averages that were lower than ours!


  • animal

    I never worried about grooming or what I wore. In my circle, it never mattered. Long beards and leather was the dress code for the day and the women around us loved it.

    We always got funny looks from those with the designer stuff on, tho. Wonder why?


  • patio34

    Hi Andee,

    Interesting observations. You're so right about outward trappings not being indicative of the real thing. Maybe the study was skewed because the women had to choose just from photographs and would override their inclinations if they knew more about the person in question.

    Hi Animal,

    That's interesting too. But long hair and leather is culturally attractive, especially a while back.


  • waiting

    Hi Pat!

    Quote: "All cats look gray in the dark." Like it or not.......that's the truth. Looking for performance or companionship - it ain't in the looks.

    Quote: "Found on a men's bathroom mirror: 'Remember, no matter how good she looks, someone else got real tired of that bitch.' "

    So, yeah, looks are a quickie of the mind. But personality takes over and is the staying power.

    Enjoy our laughter last night.


  • Solace

    I believe it to an extent.

    Maybe Im just fussy, but it matters to me whether or not a man takes care of himself, bathes, brushes his teeth, keeps his nails short and clean, etc.

    It doesnt really matter to me what type of clothing a man wears, as long as they arent mine, or stinking to high heaven and full of stains. (laughing) Sorry, but its how I feel.

  • Seven

    I prefer a man to dress as attractively as his budget allows but would never insist he dress a certain way for me. I do dislike blue jeans though and tire of seeing them day after day. I guess I'm more attracted to that sharp dressed man unless there's nothing between his ears.

  • patio34

    Darn and I mean D.A.R.N.!! I just wrote a longer reply and it got wiped out with an error message. When will I learn to copy these things before pressing the magic "submit" button?

    Waiting, lol about the gray cats. I enjoyed the laughs last night too. I went for a walk with the coffee guy today and couldn't keep up with him! He's very fit.

    Heaven and 7, grooming and clothes are important to me too. It doesn't have to be expensive, but clean and nice. I think it says something both about the person and what the person thinks of you and others.


  • kat_newmas

    Well, my wife's big pink "Bunny foo-foo" bedroom slippers are NOT very attractive.... but I wouldn't kick her outa my bed if she was wearing a potato sack....

    Signed: Not That Shallow

  • DakotaRed

    I can honestly state that no matter what Rosanne Barr was wearing, I would not mentally undress her.

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