If the Bible is truly the word of God then why are their so many different Translations ?

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  • smiddy3

    Not only are their different translations from different denominations ,like the Greek Orthodox ,Russian Orthodox ,Roman Catholic .various protestant versions and others as well as the NWT of JW`s.

    However various denominations print different versions of the Bible which fair enough may only be minor differences yet at the same time they are differences to what they previously printed .?

    And some have serious discrepancies .

    As if they are trying to get to the true meaning of what GOD or JESUS CHRIST actually said or meant ?

    Are they for real ? God can`t say what he means ? or God can`t mean what he says ?

    It rely`s on imperfect humans to decipher thousands of years later to determine what GOD actually said or meant ?

    And the WTB&TS /Jehovah`s Witnesses are just as guilty of this as any other Bible organization with their many different translations over the years.

    If I make a statement or give an oratory today about a certain subject do I need a dozen or so experts to analyze , scrutinize every syllable I said and come up with what I meant to say in a dozen different ways ?

    I don`t think so.

    If the Almighty GOD the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE can`t say what he means in the first place well then what hope have we.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    The key word you used was discrepancies.

    Those are in the transcripts used for translation.

    Those transcripts are copies of copies of copies.

    Faith in god is really faith in man.

    The hope is that we recognize it’s all up to us. Not god or an ancient text.

    Fighting for good doesn’t have to be motivated by the devine. Do it because it feels right. Don’t look for a sky daddy to rescue us, let’s rescue ourselves.

  • jwleaks
    Why are there so many different Translations ?

    For the same reason there are so many different translations of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.

  • Xanthippe

    Yeah well God inspires every Bible translator you know but they get different results because he has a great sense of humour.

  • menrov

    faith is not through the written word, manipulation is. Some people start to have faith in a creator when they start to appreciate the creation. People who start to build up faith via one of the many translations, they often become either obsessed / fanatic, confused or indifferent. I know, sound a bit black and white but in reality, I wonder how many people really become the meek and loving neighbor by reading the bible.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    "Follow the money" is the mantra which inescapably applies to Christianity, regardless of the denomination.

    Christianity is too good a business opportunity to let slip by. People of faith don't control it.

    Menrov nailed it - "faith is not through the written word, manipulation is."

    The money-men dictate how the belief system is designed & followed.

  • jaydee

    evidently, it proves that God is a Woman ....

    always changing Her mind ....

  • OnTheWayOut

    Watchtower has said both that God protected "His Word" and that a great apostasy crept in and removed His name.

    Because the words were written so long ago in times where the words literally could mean something else and the way the phrases were said could literally mean different things than would be expected, and because men edited the words later to fit their agendas (both in ancient times and in more modern times), we have the mess we have today.

    The Bible is used to hate, excuse, and justify.

  • Finkelstein

    Fact : the bible is a transcript of ancient men expressing their own unique mythology toward their own god likewise in how other ancient civilizations did in creating power and relevance to their own select god(s)

    Various interpretations come out the reading of those texts by men mostly wanting to create power unto themselves and find others who are willing to support those interpretations.

  • Wild_Thing

    It might be helpful to do some research on traditional Folklore. Probably since the beginning of time, stories (true or not) were primarily passed down by word of mouth, and as they were passed down, they changed.

    At some point in time, the "biblical" stories (true or not) were finally written down. And then copied. And then copied again.

    If you think about how many times the stories were orally retold and subsequently copied, there is no way to know what the true, original story is. Every reteller or rewriter could have taken liberties to change what they want to fit their won interpretations and beliefs.

    Some people complain about the many different translations that are out on the market today, insisting so many are "wrong" (and indeed, many do not adhere to the oldest available copies known to be in existence), but fail to realize that these oldest copies of Biblical text that are in existence are probably equally wrong. We just don't know it because it seems to be accepted as "fact" that these ancient texts are the original texts, and that is far from the truth.

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