JW Child Abuse Documentary

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  • cappytan


    Let's set aside our differences for the moment and appreciate this excellent documentary Cedars put together that should prove to be an invaluable tool in helping to expose the Child Abuse issues in the organization.

    I was humbled to be able to help with this project on such an important subject, though my part in it was insignificant.

  • ttdtt
    We need CNN, the Times or MSNBC to pick up this story and make it national like with the Catholic Church!
  • kookie
    great video!!
  • NeverKnew

    This is incredibly sad.

  • Diogenesister

    Thank you Cappy, nothing done to counter this vile crime, to bring pressure to bear on the arrogant leaders of WT to change their policy and protect all our kids is insignificant!!!!

    Excellent video.

    Much of the apostle Paul's writing that the witnesses refer to when defending their policies - the two witness rule, forgiveness of sins, one brother to lay bare his fault between another and not to sue each other as do the worldly people - is utterly misplaced. In fact the organizations' nefarious use of scripture to escape its blood guilt and cover its own self interested back goes against the spirit of Christianity completely.

    If they weren't so gung ho about disfellowshipping and their non scriptural judicial committees , they would see that their main responsibility is to a) do no harm b) protect the congregation and wider community.This they can do by reporting child abuse and referring on victim and perp to experts. As Christians they can then DO THEIR REAL DUTY AS SHEPHARDS BY BEING THERE AFTERWARDS TO PICK UP THE PIECES FOR ALL INVOLVED - INNOCENT OR GUILTY - INCLUDING FAMILIES.

    Anna's said her piece.Many thanks to all involved xx

  • antes8080
    Haven't finished it but excelent video thanks for sharing it.
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Best work by Cedars to date.
  • Skedaddle

    This was brilliant! Just brilliant! Well done! This needs (anonymously?) emailing to all our relatives who are still in. The only thing I can pick at is why didn't he mention the Goddard inquiry... but it's still amazing!

  • PaintedToeNail
    Excellent video. I wish it would be shown to the masses!
  • nowwhat?
    Most excellent! cedars was very professional and objective. Don't know why he gets a bum rap by some here. Thank you as well cappy.

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