Good Wife Guide in 1950's--Yah Right!

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  • starfish422

    I believe this is from a Good Housekeeping article from the 50's. What's sad is that Good Housekeeping hasn't changed that much in 60 years!

  • minimus

    Blondie, if you subscribe to this guide, I want to marry you.....Happyman, has been vouched for in the past, but sometimes I have my doubts....This one's a keeper.

  • expatbrit
    Should your husband suggest congress then accede humbly how many hundreds of representatives are in congress? What a perv!


  • happy man
    happy man


    Can you explain what you want to say, i dont understand your point?

  • minimus
  • Joyzabel

    ROTFLMAO @ the "Good Wife Guide".

    Well, I'll concede then that I may not be a good wife! (I'm a wonderful wife)


  • minimus

    Happyman, sometimes you articulate so well, that it throws me off. Other times I don't have a clue about what you're writing. Comforter, does that to me sometimes, too. btw, I went to post earlier on this thread and it came out blank.

  • Francois

    Yep. It's real. Right out of Ladie's Homekeeping, or Redbook, or the "I Gave Birth to Elvis' Two-headed Love Child Review." You know. Magazines of that genre.


  • freeman

    Are you sure this was written during the fifties? This sound like excellent advice for all women today. I think I will share it with the wife. Wish me luck


  • Dawn

    LOL @ Freeman

    Well - when I met my hubby he was dating a very pretty young girl who would do ANYTHING he told her - I mean ANYTHING. He would go out with his friends and tell her to stay at home so he could call her IF he got a chance - and she'd do it (can you believe that?!!!)

    I was quite different - having been on my own a few years I was quite a bit more independent and assertive. The first day he met me he told me I was a "smart @ss" and I told him to bite me. Well......jump ahead a few years - and here we are - he dumped the cute little thing who did everything he wanted and he married the "smart @ss" who still says .........BITE ME!! Some guys would rather have a woman with brains who is fun and interesting......and "moans" just a little louder than what was suggested

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