Watchtower cancels UK subscriptions...

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  • blackout

    OK I know Im a bit slow to have just realised this, but there is 6, 000, 000 witnesses worldwide right, so say they all donate $5 a week (thats minumum) thats $1, 560, 000, 000 a year, What are they doing with all this money?????? Plus there is magazine,bible and book sales (contributions). I just never thought about this before. We used to be encouraged to donate 1/10th of our income, so at a base income that is $50 per week for a family of four, so that is $3, 900, 000, 000 a year. MY GOD!!!!!!

    Is there a financial break down for the society or do they just bamboozle everyone with the witnessing report and hope they will forget the finances?

    Blackout - passed out.

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