Thanks GOD JW's don't have Beauty Pageants

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    talesin : I agree young 5,9 or 14 year old tarted with make up is deplorable. That's a good idea,

    write a letter to the producers".

    Mini-beauty pageant at the Regional Conventions, I guess this is the only time to sport their

    new outfits.

    Is there a large audience for a child beauty pageants? WTH..

    Lisa Rose: that why I made the statement, don't you think it's about time we move

    on from Beauty Pageants. What do they accomplish????

  • LisaRose

    No, there is no large audience for child beauty pageants, the audience is comprised of the parents of the contestants, the whole thing is paid for by the entry fees. It's really pathetic. And practically everyone gets a trophy and a tiara, and a title, nobody wants to pay that much money and not have something to show for it, so it becomes kind of meaningless unless you are the super super ultimate grand supreme champion princess of the world.

    And yes, it's time we did away with them. They are silly, like some sexist left over of the fifties. Little girls should not be taught that they are only valued for their looks and ability to entertain others.

  • DJS

    The French I believe have banned child beauty pageants until the age of 16. Many psychologists believe that child beauty pageants are a form of child abuse (google it), and they state that it is driven mostly by moms with achievement by proxy disorder, where the moms live through their children.

    Riddle me this, double x-ers. What kind of mom would put loads of makeup on her 6 year old, dress her in micro mini ef me skirts and heels and teach her to walk like a stripper??? Yet there are a lot of moms who get off on this stuff. I'm stunned that the fathers go along. I find it deeply disturbing, and I'm with the French and LisaRose on this.

    But there evidently is a large audience for child pageants. The two cable tv shows about child pageants had high ratings.

    Having said that, what adults do is of no consequence to me. In a perfectly egalitarian world where there was no misogyny and where we had equal pay and equal opportunities, it is a certainty that there would be beauty pageants, strippers and hookers (and thank god for that). I don't see the human species evolving those things away ever. One woman's irrelevance is another woman's opportunity.

  • tiki
    Dis and talesin said it all. I think it is awful when they do this or allow it for children....and the adult versions are just shallow displays of the twist of genetics that provided a pretty face and long legs.
  • DJS


    I am anointing you the Queen of Reactionary and the Goddess of Hysteria. You are the vice mayor of the twin villages Certitude and Platitude. Even James isn't worthy of you.

    Do you, James and your ilk EVER do some actual research before posting? Ever, never Ms. Jackson?

    Our education system does speak for itself. If you and James would do some actual research you would find that math and reading test scores are essentially unchanged from 45 years ago. Given the social upheaval and the changing demographics, a lot of experts suggest that the even line is actually an improvement.

    If you would do some actual research you would find that the Blue states (e.g., MA, CT, etc.) have academic test scores equal to the Asian countries, and that the following social and cultural issues greatly factor into educational results:

    Family income (the primary factor for achievement and completing college, and poverty or low socioeconomic status is the leading cause of low educational attainment).

    Family educational levels (if mom and dad have college degrees, kids will more likely).

    Cultural and social issues such as divorce (stable rates for the past two decades or so, but from the 70s to the 90s divorce soared). The US looks vastly different than it did 50 years ago. There are greater percentages of people of color and culture, some of which have not valued education as highly.

    The education system of the US may be uneven and unequal, but it isn't in the toilet. Blue states perform well on average. Red states do not perform as well. Blame it on the $, the culture and religion. And child beauty pageants.

    And if you would do some research you would find that intra or inter country comparisons are very difficult to make without understanding and allowing for these cultural, social and economic differences - BEFORE you make shoot from the hip, opinionated though expressed as certitudes and platitudes, hysterical, reactionary, paint with a broad brush, completely erroneous definitive statements.

    Otherwise Sowhatnow, you're a peach. James, Sowhatnow, et al, I can help you, but you have to let me.

  • sowhatnow

    DJS, Im honored,lol

    'I am anointing you the Queen of Reactionary and the Goddess of Hysteria. You are the vice mayor of the twin villages Certitude and Platitude. Even James isn't worthy of you'.

    lol, at the very least, I have the title of queen of something, other than 'know-nothing-ville'


    'cultural, social and economic differences'

    always the stumbling block.

    and now Im off to work, because, I am the Queen of Clean....

  • DJS


    Have a great day oh Queenly One!!!!

  • blondie
  • blondie
    I wonder if any one announced the wrong person "no longer one of Jehovah's witnesses" from the platform
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Announcing the wrong Universe pageant winner, priceless!! Twice I think too, apparently.

    The WT says there is ''no competitive'' spirit. I call B.S.!!!

    Competition between girls/boys etc. couldn't be more evident. When you go to a$$emblies, take a walk through the parking lot and the way they dress. Mini-Hollywood!!!

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