My mom contacted me last night...

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  • HereIgo

    Scully, good point, forgot all about that

  • Magnum
    All of your questions could be answered if you put Jehovah to the test

    Since those are such serious questions and JWs supposedly represent Jehovah, and if all the questions could be answered by putting Jehovah to the test, then why haven't JWs put him to the test and gotten the answers?

    Has you mother gotten the answers? If not, why not? If she's so concerned about you, then why doesn't she put Jehovah to the test and get the answers and give them to you?

    I presented my serious questions to JWs in the early 80's - questions about the flood, why the evidence is that animals have been killing each other for millions of years when supposedly they've only been doing so for a few thousand, what's going to happen when the sun expands and then spends all of its fuel, etc. Of course, I got no answers and was told that if I put the Kingdom first, I would soon get them. It's been almost 40 years, and not only did I not get my answers, but my questions have grown in quantity and intensity. And I really put Jehovah to the test. I suffered and slaved and sacrificed for decades... and no answers.

  • scratchme1010

    Did I strike a nerve? Thoughts? Was there a recent study article written about reaching out to "inactive" ones?

    Probably. She is your mom after all. She may be coming from a place of love and care for you. I am basing my comment on the premise that you have a loving mother.

    My thoughts are that sometimes the reaching out doesn't come from a WT directive. It may have come from the fact that she just found out that you have a child that she didn't even know about. As brainwashed as they are, JWs are still human, they feel and they love and they need to know about their loved ones.

    Through the years I have seen and experience a very unstable, psychologically damaging varying stances from the WT when it comes to loved ones who have left. Of course, their directives have nothing to do with the well being of anyone but themselves, and that may be the reason why it constantly changes.

    In the last decades they have said that it's not ok to talk to ex-jws, then that it's ok to have some form of communication, then back to not talking at all, then reaching out directly to them, then leaving up to the jws, and round and round they go. It is very hurtful for JWs to have to go through all those directives as the Wt see them fit without taking into consideration people's feelings and the fact that they are dividing families for their own benefit.

    For some reason I think that in this case your mom just saw you on FB and saw that you are ok, alive, well and thriving, while she's there expecting you to be suffering some kind of consequences for your decision, making such consequences want to go back. She's jus being your mom, I think.

    It has to be very saddening for JWs to realize that they don't have any power over those who leave because of them, and those who leave them hold them responsible for ending relationships.

    I wouldn't pay attention to her nonsense; I think her feelings speak the real truth.

  • Landy

    It's nice that you heard from your Mum - hope you can keep the lines of communication open.

  • LovingHelper

    It's great that she reached out. I would praise her for that, and tell her Christ wants us to love each other. Yes, I would focus on your love for her and her love for you and encourage her to meet her grandchild, or just send her photos of the family or videos. I would later tell her about the U.N., and OSEC, and about the February, 2017 study on that says the Governing Body, "is neither inspired nor infallible," and ask her to consider stop obeying a group that reveals it has no inspiration! Why believe the interpretations of spiritual matters (or physical matters such as blood transfusions) if the propagators of such ideas are not inspired? Inspired means led by God or led by the holy spirit. Since they admit they are not, then it is wrong to follow or believe that they are wise.

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