Did You Really Understand What You Were Getting Into When You Got Baptized?

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  • patio34

    Plus, I don't know how to edit a post, but I would definitely edit out "*%*!! jackasses"

  • minimus

    One has to wonder whether the agreement could be nullified since it's not in writing.

  • NeonMadman
    One has to wonder whether the agreement could be nullified since it's not in writing.

    We talked about that not too long ago over here.

  • Loris

    My baptism was really different. I had studied on and off for about a year. I had NEVER attended a meeting at a KH. The sister that was studying with me mentioned the convention to be held 90 miles away in San Diego. I asked what it was like. she said that there were Bible based talks and a lot of people were going to be baptized. I had never been baptized (I was 17) I knew that a believer in Jesus was supposed to get baptized. So I asked Martha if I could go with her to San Diego. I went with her and got baptized in the Pacific Ocean. A couple of weeks later Martha invited me to the KH and I was introduced to the Overseer. Strange but true. The rules were kind of relaxed in 1965.


  • wannaexit

    I don't think I truly understood what I was getting myself into. I was 13 when I was baptized. What can a 13 year old kid really know about a lifelong decision like that? I had some knowledge but certainly not the implications.

  • praying_mantis

    I was 16, and wanted to make my mother happy. I remember feeling happy at the time, and thought that the committment would keep me out of trouble. I thought that my dad and my sisters would be encouraged by it. I reached a crossroads at about age 24 when my husband (now ex) got disfellowshipped. Actually come to think of it, it was prior to that. We were never good enough to be associated with. However, the ones that were not baptized were included in everything because they were taking an "interest". I never understood that. That, or why questioning things, like the blood issue, was frowned upon coming from a baptized person. It still bewilders me. The more I read, the more angry I become, and the more worried I become about my mother, who has been a witness since 78.

  • blacksheep

    I STILL don't understand what I got myself into at the ripe old age of 13. One dunk in a wading pool seems to mean so much to the JW's.

    Personally, I think it's a joke: it now means *nothing* to me, but it sure does to them I'm sure. I'm sure my mom/family wishes I never took that major life step since they have to now shun me. My dad, whose NEVER been a witness still blames me for getting baptised, as though that changed everything for HIM.

    Now although I'm not exactly clear on what it means, what I think it seems to me is this:

    1. That by NOT fully supporting the JWs in every way possible you have sold yourself to the devil

    2. That a "decision" you made under heavy peer and WTS pressure was really basically agreeing to NOT make any real decisions without the WTS

    3. That there apparently is no LEGITIMATE way out of the deal

    4. That you are far, far worse off for having taken the plunge than not (it's best to be a "sinner" and NOT have been baptised than to be a decent person who simply has come to realized the flaws of the orgs doctrine and overall beliefs.)

    So, no I don't really think I know what I was getting myself into. As an adult and having been away from all that crap for so many years, there is NO WAY I would have agreed to taking the dunk. As I really didn't have th option of NOT appearing to be a JW until at least I left the house, in retrospect I should have just put a smile on my face and pretend that I was "working toward it," but NEVER, EVER follow through with it.

  • CoonDawg

    I was 16 and was considered a "late bloomer" as far as baptism stats were concerned. Did I REALLY know? Not ALL the ins and outs. My ex is trying to push my daughter to "want to be baptized". My daughter is 9. When I said something to my ex about it, I told her that I wished to be informed if she were considering baptism. My ex told me that I would be informed after the fact. So, I told her that a child getting baptized is like asking that same child of the same age to decide who they will marry and spend the rest of their life with. Sorry, that just don't add up.


  • Swan

    No. I understood the questions in the Lamp book, and thoroughly knew letter of the JW law and the rules, but didn't understand the implications and affect this dedication and baptism would have on my life. I was only 15 years old and didn't even have a basic understanding of myself. In most countries 15 is underage. I wasn't even legally allowed to drive a car when I was baptized. No wonder Christ waited until he was 30. The WTBTS should require all people to at least be the same age as Christ was at the time of his baptism before they make such a commitment.


  • LB

    Isn't it curious how it's ok to dedicate your entire life to an organization many years before it's ok to date?

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