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  • rebelfighter
    Nothing wrong about starting a thread about Reese peanut butter cups. Anything chocolate is totally worth talking about. My preference is white chocolate although I will eat any chocolate someone puts in front of me. I believe I have just about 100 recipes of desserts to make using this wonderful ingredient and to my delight my son and grandson shares my passion for this ingredient.
  • _Morpheus
    "She found it 'profound' to buy and eat a candy bar autonomously as if it's some kind of adult experience .

    You must be either 8 years old or Amish."

    And you must not have grown up in a cult...or with any manners.

    It is amazing the things that makes us reflect on life and where we are sometimes. It can be the smallest things we realize we have a choice about or things we take pleasure in that help us find or realize our place in the world in a new way.

  • sir82

    First world problems.....

  • cognac
    I'm on Morph's side.....
  • LisaRose

    If you think that was bad, this was a complete fail by Reeses.This blob is supposed to be a Christmas Tree.

    As far as this being a silly thread, you didn't figure that out from the title? If you think a thread is a waste of time, just ignore it and it will quickly drop out of sight, it's not necessarily to make someone feel bad for starting a thread that you are not interested in.

  • pronomono

    OMG! The Christmas Tree Reese's are the best. You can't go wrong with all that Peanutty goodness, blob or not.

  • Quarterback
    Reeses PB cup, is in my food group too
  • Khaleesi
    Omg I am in love with recess peanut butter cups!!! I eat 1 package of 2 cups in it after my lunch !!! Yummyy.... Chicago has a huge Recess factory!
  • talesin

    Toblerone never fails me!

    I have cocoa made with dutch chocolate every day ,,, and I NEED it. :)

  • talesin

    I have the recipe to make your own Reese's Pieces peanut butter cups.

    Who was it that called me smug on another thread? hmmm,, well, this is me, looking smug now. :P

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