In the beginning-----sex.........

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  • Tatiana

    I have some theories on what sex must have been like between Adam & Eve. (Assuming the story is true.) I mean, it was just the two of alcohol, no videos, no lingerie, no candlelight. Moonlight is beautiful, though.

    Dinner was fruit and nuts. Don't remember if the Bible said they danced. Did they have music? Know how to sing? Did they use foreplay, or just do it? Or was it just for procreation, like the Catholics say?

    I remember s scene from an old movie..."The BIble". In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve looked so pure as they were lying nude in the grass. I wonder how it would have been making love innocently? Not knowing any evil? Uncorrupted?

    Any thoughts? Scriptures?

    I'll wait till morning and hope I didn't kill this like I've killed about 5 threads in two days....



  • Vivamus

    Two people, not knowing how, not knowing the finer art of lovemaking.... Adam probably had a good time, but poor Eve...

    Nah, I'll take the sex with the alcohol, and partying and being corrupted and all.

  • animal

    Wasn't it a perfect world? If so, I figure he snapped his fingers and she dropped to her knees.


  • think41self

    I'm sorry Animal, but that answer gets you a spanking.


    If that's your idea of perfect sex, you've been missing out! *wink* *wink*


  • Vivamus

    Ugh .... Men .... I have nothing more to add.

  • greven

    Remember, God was wandering through the garden now and then, so my guess is they did it in the bushes.

    God: Adam, I wish to speak to you

    Adam: Huh? What? Can't you see I busy?

    Imagin having sex and then suddenly finding God looking at you! Brrr


  • LB

    I do appreciate animals thoughts.

    I suspect they had animals around them in the garden. So why not just do what animals always do, bend her over, try to get it in the right hole and then afterwards lick yourself.

  • outoftheorg

    OH no Lb. LMAO I think you may have just pissed Vivamus off. UGH MEN!!

    How do you come up with all this hilarious stuff??

    Do you sit around in that school bus and ponder your answers for hours at a time??


  • Vivamus

    ***chokes on ciggie*** LB! I am horrified!

  • Swan

    Poor Eve! Being perfect she had no excuses. The Hebrew word for headache hadn't been invented yet!


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