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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    welcome to the site...but------why send the letter at all ? why not just file it away for a while ?
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Welcome Simple Minds. Your story is a sad one - but your life can only improve now that you're awakened. Basically you are at a fork in the road; you can either send such a letter to the elders, or employ the adage, "Least said, soonest mended."

    My personal choice is the latter, because if you give the wolves a bone, they'll never let it go!

    I'd never put anything in writing to the elders. Why give them such ammunition? I would be polite and reasonable by personally thanking one of the elders who wants to visit me, and briefly state that "due to private & personal concerns which I'm having to deal with, I'd rather not have the shepherding call at present, and that the offer is appreciated. If things change, I'll let you know."

    A person's information & thinking are what these vampires thrive on. Why volunteer to give them what they need?

    I wish you well with the wedding, and with your choices when dealing with the "ravenous wolves."

    p.s. Do you think that the elders' wives will not hear about any of the details you put in your letter? Take care.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Live in the City of Light?

    Aye, 'twas a wond'rous album to be sure...

  • stuckinarut2

    Welcome mate!

    Another Aussie!

    This is a truly wonderful community...a real haven of support and assistance.

    Will send you a PM...

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
  • TheOldHippie
    How sad you did not seek professional medical help in time, and did not cut off those "100 % perfectionism" thoughts of yours, and in stead allowed yourself to drift too far off. Really sad reading indeed.
  • coalize
    You cant "unknow" a truth

    No, right, we can just just stop calling a lie a truth! And it's what we do!

  • coalize
    so does leaving JWS mean you LEAVE GOD AND THE BIBLE as well?

    You can't leave God when you leave JWS... To leave God you had to be with him. JWS are not...

  • Bonsai

    Really enjoyed reading your heartfelt letter. So many of us have been exactly where you are now. I thought about writing a letter too, but I didn't want them to later use it against me. I went to two elders houses and dealt with them one by one. Basically I told them verbally the same things that you wrote in your letter. I focused on the emotional, mental anxiety and distress that going to service/meetings was causing me. I told them I lost my faith in God and then I told them to leave me the hell alone and didn't want to have contact with them or any other elders again unless I initiated it.

    So far it has worked wonders! They stay away from me for the most part( except for occasionally slipping the latest mags in my mailbox when I'm not home). I'd tell them verbally how you feel. I'd make demands that they stay away from you, and I'd stay away from topics that will ping their apostadar. Good luck!

  • lurkernomore
    Welcome Simple Minds, I look forward to hearing more from you :D

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