WT is a human rights violator according to the definition of state.gov and USA law - time for us to start putting pressure in lawmakers!

by EndofMysteries 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Simon
    If the public outcry is loud enough, the Government listens

    So you need to define 'loud enough'. Are there that many people bothered about it to make it a major national issue?

    I don't think there are.

  • LostGeneration

    . I guarantee if all ex jw's started putting a lot of pressure in law makers and the right departments even if they can't change the shunning policy it could force WT to stop publishing those instructions of human rights violations.

    This is absurd. Why in the world would you think that the government wants to be involved in religious disputes over a silly little cult. The government got their ass handed to them by scientology. They made a mess of the Koresh situation, a far more whacked out cult than the JWs.

    Expecting the government to solve the JW problem is a pipe dream, get over it.

  • hybridous
    No piece of legislation, no decree of the king, can undo what has been done and mend broken relationships.

    Even if you got your laws in place, true-believers are going to know the score, and keep you at arms length.

    They might not outright 'shun' you, but the relationship will not be restored to the original conditions present when you were a WT adherent.

    They will always see you as having something 'wrong' with you.

    Because they decided that WT opinions are most important of all. Even more important than their own. What can you do for people who abdicate the use of reason?

    Not trying to minimize the pain that shunning can bring. I've felt it myself. Most of us here have. But it's a decision they make, and must own themselves.
  • sparrowdown

    The only reason Governments or politicians would care is if votes were involved and JWs don't vote.

    Or the people who do vote, and care about the issue, were sufficient in number to affect votes

  • hybridous

    Don't forget money. They care about that, too. So all we need is a high-powered lobbying group to apply some pressure.

    Of course, that'll take money, too. My wallet will be closed. I don't think I'm gonna spend money to leverage myself into the lives of people that don't really want me there in the first place...
  • sparrowdown

    True, hybridous, there is always that great persuader- filthy luca.

    We need the biggest, baddest, richest lobby group in the land.

    Hmm, I think that group is busy.

  • Finkelstein

    WT is a human rights violator according to the definition of state.gov and USA law - time for us to start putting pressure in lawmakers!

    Totally agree End of Mysteries

    I've pointed out this before many times , that the WTS conducts itself out of government regulations of human rights, concerning discrimination upon choice of religion... ie. they publicly shun (DF) anyone who leaves their religion for another.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I 100% agree. The Borg completely abuses the freedom in which people should live. They always say that God gives man freewill. But they turn around and shun or bully those who practise such freewill by wanting to leave their religion. Hypocrisy.
  • Simon

    Shunning is morally wrong, but it is impossible to legislate against.

    Raising awareness of it isn't the same as enacting change. Many know about shunning by other groups but even when people know about it they will just state it as a fact: "oh, the Amish shun people". Not "oh, the Amish shun people, it's so wrong and we should do something about it !"

    It's why I believe the only meaningful message should be to the people who do the shunning as they are the only ones who can end it.

    "shunning is unloving and unchristian and you are a hypocrite for doing it. I don't care if you shun me till you die, I will never return to that vomit of a religion. I'm going to tell everyone at your funeral that you are just proof that the religion is a cult and people wait for an Armageddon that will never arrive (if I bother attending at all)"


    Thank goodness the Royal Commission in Australia didn't resign themselves to inaction on the basis of no one caring. After all, the general public knew nothing about the 1,000 plus cases of abuse within the WTBTS, so why would they care?

    You never know what can happen when you inform the public on a given issue. Sure, maybe they won't care, but you can't know that until you give them the information. Is it a coincidence that the WTBTS spins all the info about shunning? No. They don't want the public knowing about their deplorable actions. That alone is reason to spread the news, in my opinion.

    There is an old saying that's goes like this: "Can't never did nothing."


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