WT is a human rights violator according to the definition of state.gov and USA law - time for us to start putting pressure in lawmakers!

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  • Simon
    Thank goodness the Royal Commission in Australia didn't resign themselves to inaction on the basis of no one caring

    That is completely different. Those are violations of existing laws that people already care a great deal about.

    It is not the same as people knowing of an issue and not caring by any stretch,

    You never know what can happen when you inform the public on a given issue.

    The public already know about the blood issue for instance, it's one of the only things people know about JWs, but I can't remember much public outcry to the point of making any changes.

    People don't care about many issues, especially those that appear to be of the people's own making and choices. The only interest is the curiosity that people can be so stupid.


    "Raising awareness isn't the same as enacting change." - Simon

    True, they are not the same, but they are related. Raising awareness is a catalyst for change.

    "Who gives a damn about what Jehovah's Witnesses do, when Islam does what it does?" - Simon

    I do. So do you. Otherwise, why have this website?

    Also, the extremes in Islam are not an excuse to ignore lesser human rights violations by other religious groups. If something is morally wrong, it should be dealt with.

    As far as the Australian RC situation being different because of dealing with established laws, why were those laws established to begin with? If we answer that question, then we have the answer to why every "morally wrong" behavior should be adressed.

    To have laws enacted, we need to raise awareness. We can't raise awareness by giving up before we start, or labeling activism as fighting windmills.

    Time and again I hear non-JWs/ Ex-dubs saying that Dubs have no right to complain about the problems of this world, because the Dubs won't lift a finger to help enact change. Now, when they feel motivated to do something, we squelch that desire?

    Maybe all the little changes that happen because of the stupidity of JWIsm, and the hurt it causes, will be the catalyst for changing Islam, or any other extreme religion? It's impossible to predict what will finally result from all the little acts of activism in any given "religion", but the results of doing nothing are easy to predict.


  • Simon

    Every cause is of the utmost importance to those directly impacted by it.

    What I'm talking about is whether and why the general population at large would ever be more bothered by the much milder JW practices when they are not by the much worse Islamic practices (as an example). And when I say 'bothered' I mean 'motivated to action', not just someone watching something on the news, tutting to themselves and muttering "that's not right". And, even if motivated to action, whether any action could practically be legislated or there would ever be the political will to do so. It's a long, long road to get a law passed.

    I've outlined on other topics, I think the idea that laws could ever be enacted to prevent shunning is unrealistic to the extreme. I don't think it's defeatist in any way to be pragmatic and focus efforts on campaigns that can be effective vs pursuing things that are extremely unlikely to be.

    And just to re-iterate, I'm not saying it's good or right or welcome in any way. I think shunning is absolutely horrible. I wish we lived in a different world but wishful thinking isn't going to change anything.

  • Vidiot

    I personally compare the WTS receiving an initial warning by the IRS (to bring themselves up to current standards to keep their tax-exempt status) as the equivalent of "private reproof", a loss of said tax-exempt status as "public reproof", and the eventual seizure of WT assets in the face of criminal conviction as "disfellowshipping"...

    ...because whether anyone realizes it or not, the Org has - in many ways - allowed itself to become just as dependent on "Satan's World" for certain aspects of its survival (it wouldn't avail itself of so many of its legal mechanisms if it wasn't) as JWs have allowed themselves to become similarly dependent on the WTS itself.

    They'd certainly be receiving a taste of their own medicine if it happened, at the very least.

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