For the love of a pic, that moves you

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  • Gerard
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  • Tatiana

    Gerard.....beautiful, beautiful pics!!!!!

    Were they captioned? I'd love to know exactly what each one was. I swear the one on the top left looks like an angel.....(or a demon?????)LOL

  • Tatiana

    jgnat..... this rate, I will be Jedi in no time. mmmble grmble. Does this work?

    you crack me up!


    Maybe we wouldn't have so many screwed up adults if someone had taken the time out to mold them as a child

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tatiana

    This one "moves" me to remember why I hate war. They pay the price for our ignorance.......

  • LyinEyes

    God, these pictures are all beautiful...... I hope I never lose my eyesight, I would miss the beauty of all of this,,,,,,,, but hopefully, I would remember in my minds eye these sights.....

    I love horses and sunsets,,,,,,,here's one with both...........


  • Gerard

    Tatiana, go to

    Most of them are nebulas. Rumage in the "nebula" section for their names. The top left you refer to is explained HERE.

  • WildTurkey

    This is my boy I hope Im his hero

    This my Dad when he was young. He is my hero

    This is what i want to see when i die

  • LyinEyes

    Denny that is so sweet what ya said, you are his hero,,,,,brought a tear to this mama's eyes. You can be so sweet sometimes.......

    OMGawd,,,,,, that might be my face,,,,,on that pic ,,,,,,,but it aint my body!!!!!!! Wish it was,,,,,,

  • Deli King

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