For the love of a pic, that moves you

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  • Vivamus

    I love all the work of this man; Michael Parkes, this is just one of many I love.

  • Vivamus
  • pr_capone

    This is a picture of the a beach called Crash Boat. I spent more time on this beach than anywhere else in the world. I would go from school directly to this beach. I miss it more than anything in this world.

  • SheilaM
  • SheilaM

    By the way: Seagrove is in Florida Panhandle

    This is one of my favorites from Monet

  • SheilaM

    One of my alltime faves

    Greer Garson

  • SheilaM
  • nilfun
  • Shakita

    Shiela, I love Monet, too.

    Here is his work "The Reader" which I have in my home.

    I also like Anne Geddes. I can not find a photo of hers that I do not like. I have her calender and her shots of those beautiful children and babies are so great!

    Mrs. Shakita

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