When you read this Richard Glossip will probably be dead.

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  • sir82

    So together they sound like a pair of fine outstanding citizens ...

    If we start executing everyone who isn't necessarily a "fine upstanding citizen".....

    I'd suggest reading about the case before commenting further. Here is a good primer:


  • freddo

    I used to be all for the death penalty for certain crimes. Still am. Except for the possibility of executing the wrong person. Or a mentally defective one.

    Google Timothy John Evans and see how this case went a long way towards abolishing the death penalty in the U.K. Or 19 year old Derek Bentley whose 16 year old friend pulled the trigger killing a policeman. What did did Bentley mean when he said "Let him have it, Chris?" Did he mean hand over the gun or to shoot him?

    I'm happy with life imprisonment meaning life imprisonment. (not 10/15/20 years)

    Just maybe if the murderer is aged 18-21 then start looking at parole after 20/25 years or if older after 30 years. With life imprisonment, if forensics or other things prove innocence then there is a chance of putting the matter right.

  • Vidiot

    I think what bothers me about capital punishment in the US is that when pro-DP-advocates in the justice system sentence a man to death, they often seem hell-bent - almost anxious - on seeing it through, no matter what.

    It's like they don't even want to consider that it might not need to happen (for whatever reasons).

  • sir82
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Sir82:- Execution halted.

    Tempoariy relief then another two weeks of mental torture to endure, before the new date on sept 30th. That's twice now Richard has been hours from that lethal injection. Surely that is enough to break mentally even the strongest of us.

    It amazes me that they choose to execute this man on such a weak case. It amazes me because it wouldn't be the first time an innocent man has been executed. It amazes me because if they want to execute someone, then there are so many who have committed the most vile and evil crimes where guilt is not an issue,

    The Rebel.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman
    They halted his execution. Hopefully, they can give him a new trial to get to the bottom of this. If any case speaks for someone having a new trial it is this one.
  • OrphanCrow
    TheRebel: That's twice now Richard has been hours from that lethal injection. Surely that is enough to break mentally even the strongest of us.

    Being close to death is something that happens - and to lots of people besides someone found guilty of having somebody killed.

    Pffft. Mentally break even the strongest of us? Gimme a break...LOTS of people face death without breaking mentally. And lots of innocent people die every day through no fault of their own.

  • SAHS

    I must say that I am perturbed and rather disgusted at some of the callous and self-righteous comments of some who obviously haven’t taken the time to consider the facts behind this disturbing case – and also don’t seem to have the human compassion to care. Well, I did review some of the news articles about it, and, believe it or not, it bothered me so much that I actually printed a letter to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and had it sent by courier from here in Ontario, Canada. And, of course, I also signed the petitions on “Change.org” and “MoveOn.org,” even paying to have the petition promoted to others.

    And don’t forget that technically this situation could happen to anyone else – perhaps one of your loved ones . . . . or even you. This is not just some meaningless item in the news. Things like this impact on the legal rights and security of everyone, and as such it behooves from us the seriousness and sober reflection it deserves.

    Thank God, however, that this poor man, Richard Glossip, has at least been granted another reprieve so that hopefully true justice can prevail – especially in light of new evidence, “including a fellow inmate’s claim that he overheard another man convicted in the case admit he acted alone. . . . a signed affidavit from another inmate, Michael Scott, who claims he heard Sneed say ‘he set Richard Glossip up, and that Richard Glossip didn’t do anything’” – and not to mention all the improper handling of this case and inconsistencies, including the fact that the apparent real murderer, Justin Sneed, told eight different versions of his story, which just do not add up!

    Yes, thank God that enough people are seeing to it that the wheels of justice continue to turn, even if ever slowly, toward the interest of basic fairness. Let’s hope and pray that an innocent man will finally be granted the rightful vindication and freedom which has been so long in coming. After all, fair is fair!

  • OrphanCrow

    Geez, let's feel sorry for a convicted killer's mental state.

    Would it not be benefical to have empathy for the family of the victim instead?

    Full statement from Barry Van Treese family

    Over these many years our family has endured all manner of pain as a result of the death of Barry. The Van Treese family knows with absolute certainty the State of Oklahoma has provided the opportunity for justice to be served in this case. The death penalty in Oklahoma is reserved for the most heinous crimes. Two juries who heard all of the testimony agreed this case warranted the death penalty for Richard Glossip. Numerous courts have reviewed the facts of this case and have determined Richard Glossip's case warrants the death penalty. To ensure Richard Glossip received a fair judgement, he was given a second trial where he was represented by a legal team with decades of experience. The facts and testimony of the case have been proven in two trials and reviewed by every possible court all the way to include the US Supreme Court. And, finally, as the law provides in these types of cases, the Pardon and Parole board extensively reviewed the case, talked with and questioned Glossip, and voted unanimously against clemency.
    Execution of Richard Glossip will not bring Barry back or lessen the empty hole left in the lives of those who loved Barry. What it does provide is a sense that justice has been served.
    We have a right as a family and as citizens of the United States of America to expect justice to be served. Would not you feel the same if this was your loved one?

    It seems to me that if a murder conviction is upheld, not just in one trial, but two, and then also in the Supreme Court, that this question is a bit redundant:

    How can Richard be put to death, based on the testimony of the man who admitted doing the killing?
    The FACT is innocent people are put to death, and I don't care if millions are happy with that justice. I am not. And I am not the only one. This is why Dr Phil opened his new season a week early to highlight this case.

    The FACT is that Dr. Phil opened his new season to highlight this case because Dr. Phil is a televi$ion $how that makes LOTS of money on $en$ationali$m.

    Dr. Phil $ell$ $tories like this because there will always be people who will line up to buy them.

  • SAHS

    “OrphanCrow”: The FACT is innocent people are put to death,

    Also, the FACT is that there are many people who still beat their wives, rape children, and drive drunk. . . . But, of course, that doesn’t make any of that RIGHT or ACCEPTABLE either.

    “OrphanCrow”: The FACT is that Dr. Phil opened his new oseason to highlight this case because Dr. Phil is a televi$ion $how that makes LOTS of money on $en$ationali$m.

    No, Dr. Phil chose to highlight this case because it is compelling as an important sociological, legal justice, and human rights/fairness issue which potentially impacts all of us. While it is true that Dr. Phil is a well-known and well-paid television host, he is surely not desperately dependent on this particular case for his own glory or financial status. He could very well have opened his season with a show about transgendered celebrities or hunting Sasquatch and get paid just the same. Dr. Phil is a very intelligent and discerning man, and he has a heart!

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