The only way to know God exists!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Something good happens...Jehovah did it.

    Something bad happens Satan did it.

    Something un-expected "time and unforseen occurrence."

    A formula for idiots.... (I was this idiot for 20 years)

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I like turtles.
  • Crazyguy
    God likes the smell of burning flesh.
  • freemindfade
  • CalebInFloroda

    People have really got to stop trying to prove that G-d exists.

    I'm a theist, and I find such an attempt as totally ridiculous and a great way to belie one's claim to religion or some theological conviction. The reason is that nothing is gained by trying to prove something that can't and shouldn't be proven with empirical evidence.

    Formost, it insults many people who have convictions that do not include a deity or some form of religious expression. Most of these people have come to their conscientious stand by means of freely exercising their reason and intelligence. Why try to convince them otherwise? They obviously have minds of their own that, should they choose, they can change to embrace any view they wish.

    Secondly, it is pretty insulting to many religious people as well. The concept of G-d from a Judeo-Christian exegete involves accepting a Deity that is transcendent. This means one shouldn't expect that this particular G-d could be measured or tested. If you could do that, then you wouldn't have much a transcendent G-d now, would you? As stated in a British comedy about a woman in advertising who went to see G-d after she died, asking G-d, "Who does your PR?" G-d replied: "I am Real. I exist. Real things don't need PR." If there is a G-d, I think a lot of theists drown G-d out a lot by shoving G-d into so many people's faces.

    I think instead of making an issue of G-d's existence, people should spend more time making an issue of humanity's existence. There are plenty of people who need help, peace, kindness, love, food, clothing, etc. If there is a G-d, I think G-d would prefer we learn to fully deal with what we can see before we start telling others to deal with something we cannot see.

  • iconoclastic
    You do not know why some are starving?
    See the money-mountains held by very few people on earth.
    See the unimaginable amount of money that is being wasted by the Governments on arms and ammunitions.
    See the endless list of wastages we create ...
  • Ruby456


    Do everything as God would do if He were present here. This will attract His attention, and you will experience His invisible hands blessing everything you do, giving you results more than what you sowed.

    I'm not a theist but the wonderful contingencies that made us possible does this for us anyway. One only has to observe recurrent nature standing there in the shape of a tree, landscape, sunset etc to know one is blessed and then when one imagines invisible facets of cosmological processes swirling around it can be as if one feels invisible hands blessing everything. In fact the more one meditates on this the more one can feel results more than one has sowed.

    Icon, I have you down as a deist as you seem to stress reason and rationality more than anything else?

  • punkofnice
    Do everything as God would do if He were present here.

    Which god?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Iconoclast, try a bit of intellectual iconoclasm for a is the only way to determine what is not true. To be sceptical and tear down entrenched belief and know what is not true is the best knowledge we can have. This is how philosophy works. Let me suggest: there is no evidence for god; belief in helpful spirit beings is a traditional human conceit and comfort, it is unsupported by evidence, therefore nothing; no ideas, no principle, no rules or consequences can be can be built upon the premise that a god exists.

    I say this because you genuinely seem to be trying to draw logical conclusions from information you have but it is failing to make sense. Perhaps you have a hidden agenda such as BK?

  • iconoclastic

    You are on the right path. Keep it up.

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