Sanderson’s “Young People” convention talk

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  • Foolednomore

    This the argument I had with my brothers and sisters. Would the members of the Kingdumb Hall help you if you where down and out? Answer: No. Ask an elder for help to pay your rent ? No! Your car needs to go to the shoo? No can't help you. Governing Body, we need your donations. Ooh, by the way don't get a good education or a well paying job. And they want my help? FORGET ABOUT IT!

  • LongHairGal


    I was never impressed by convention experiences of people saying they gave up a college scholarship or a very lucrative job in order to pioneer.

    What you didn’t hear about was when these people ran into difficulties a few years later and had to go back to work.

    In my opinion, all these meetings and/or conventions where young JWs are only exposed to the religion’s view with no REAL world association are so bad. They don’t get to hear balanced, intelligent views of real life.

    This is why it was priceless to have some exposure to non-JW family or friends who function in the real world..They were gritty but least they were honest. My young scatterbrained self was grateful for what they had to say and it prevented me from making a stupid mistake! ..If they were still living, I would go up to them and thank them with tears in my eyes for how they helped me.

    Not to digress too much, but In another thread, there is the question of whether the writers of the articles are in reality. If they ARE, then they are deliberately painting a false picture of how things are - especially showing the average JW living in a big suburban home.

    In Real life, somebody has to be making good money to live in a house like that, not earning minimum wage 🙄.

  • hoser

    Sanderson et al are only interested in the free labour. Bethel is like working in a 19th century coal mine.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo
    why on earth should I listen to this fat, greasy, dumb, smirking Gen-Xer who has obviously never worked hard for even a single day in his life

    Pretty sure he is too old to be a member of gen x??

    Edited: ok - yeh born in Feb 1965, cutting it really fine to be gen x.

    Some definitions of gen x require being born between 1968- 1980. As I am a gen x'er, Ill stick with those. It doesnt feel right to be in the same generation as this guy.

  • FedUpJW

    Heavy equipment repair at 85 years of age?? Are you kidding me??

    Sadly, no. What makes the situation worse is that now his widowed wife has no family to help, no measurable social security, no life insurance, and is blind and diabetic. I know well the congregation they were associated with and there will be zero assistance for her. They fit perfectly the description of ancient Pharisees. Bind up heavy loads but won't lift a finger to help. And even though I would normally do nothing to help a JW who put themselves in that position, I think of the way my parents were treated and feel a personal obligation to help the poor woman as I can within reason.

  • FedUpJW

    Wonder if Mark Sanderson would go on camera to boast about ever turning down the urge to masterbate?

    Only if he lied about it.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    With their current and ongoing financial difficulties, you would think they would encourage people to work and earn money to donate. After all, the work is financed by the wage earners in developed countries. Without these ‘silent supporters’ there would be no WT.

  • LongHairGal


    That’s very nice of you to help this woman if you want to.

    We all have exceptions to our own personal rules. I do myself. Maybe somebody was my friend back in the day and treated me like a human being - as opposed to others who acted like I either had a Scarlet ‘A’ or was Typhoid Mary. It’s scary that you say nobody in this woman’s congregation will help her - considering her age and condition.

    Here all these gullible JWs believed they didn’t need to work like normal people - and led to believe ‘they will be taken care of’. Question: By who?..All the smoke and mirrors evaporated. Now that we all know the sad reality is a big fat zero is all the more reason I’m Glad I never listened to the religion

    The problem with Witnesses though is that they blab. I’m sure it’s gotten out that you help this lady. I know it did with me years ago.

    Also, how would you handle it if you are approached by other nervy JWs with an envelope looking for a handout because they know about this. I would be very rude and tell these JWs to get away from me. In fact, I’d rub it in their faces and tell them to go track down their ‘spiritual’ friends for money.

  • Diogenesister

    LHG I'd love to interview you in a podcast format. Like many women, your story may not be that exciting in terms of reaching the lofty positions in Bethel open to the men. Their stories being so interesting to exjws, because we spent our lives in a completely un-transparent org, closed off to 50% of us at least.

    But your story is so powerful because within it is THE essential message we need to get over to JWs and the public. Your message is the one that can save people's futures!

  • Foolednomore

    As far given support to anyone as an individual in the Kingdumb Hall. There was one family that our family "helped" but not by the congregation. We just went out and did it.

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