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    You know, I've been on here only 2 months. Oddly enough, I have been intrigued by some of the itty-bitty photos (jpegs/gifs) used beside your names.

    What are they? Some look like 'a person', but is it you? or someone else?

    SYN? is that really you? if look like you could qualify for the South African hockey league . If it is you, you look like heaps of fun .

    For those wondering 'what the hell is that Rayzor' beside my name.'s a car imbedded in a guard rail. No worries, no one hurt, but insurance rates sky high.

    Aztec, looks like a hockey jersey, but I believe her....only for this season...and this season only (hockey jargon).

    I'm just curious, as some of the images are small and difficult to see for ol' Rayzor's eyes, and are sometimes difficult to interpret. Most look like tons of fun, and I'm sure many are the real YOU.

    Please share. Thanks.

  • pr_capone

    The picture next to my name is a picture of the old Savoy club.

    Back in the 30's and 40's it was a huge nightclub where live Big Band orchestras would play. Greats such as Glen Miller, Louis Prima, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and more played this club.

    The Savoy is also where many of the dances that are used in swing were invented.

    It is me because swing music and dancing personify me. It is my greatest love, my biggest passion. I was born 65 years to late. I love nothing more than looking back in old books and seeing the way things were. All the men going out in suits and hats, and not because its Saturday morning and they are being forced to do so either. It was the appropriate way to dress! The cars, the style..... everything.

    Eric of the HepCat class

  • ozziepost

    Well Rayzor, your pic is very intriguing too! What's it all about, eh?

    My pic is of a happy, smiling bespectacled Ozzie, at ease with freedom..........or is it?

  • SheilaM

    Well the pic beside my name is me, the pic is really cropped <by Thunder Rider> LOL so that is why it's so small.

    His is him also with our grandbaby I'm going to update his as soon as we can on this new forum!

  • Angharad

    <--------- Me

    The picture has been cropped, it was taken by Simon on the Banff Gondella, I took one of him too at the same time, he looks very nervous (something to do with being in a little glass bubble going up the side of a big mountain

  • SYN

    LOL, nope, I've still got all my South Africa, hockey is not played on ice (there are no frozen lakes here), it is only played on grass. [:D] But I do grin a's just my nature...I'm a cheerful guy...exiting a cult will do that to you!

    That, or, if you believe some of my friends, clinically insane. Take your pick!

  • Nikita

    <------Me, Leslie aka "Nikita"



    No, this is not me!! Maybe personality wise and fiestyness~wise, but I look a bit different.

  • CoonDawg

    Mine...when it shows up, is a picture of my BMW 320i that I use in amateur road racing. It's a hell of a lot more fun to do on a Sunday than going to KH and fieldservice.


  • LyinEyes

    < - - - - - - - - but I might have been a little tipsy in that picture.

    But I look more like this - - - - - -> Dede

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