What Is The Most Effective Brainwashing Technique The Society Uses?

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  • minimus

    It seems that for well over a century, the Watchtower Society has subtly controlled the minds of "thinking persons". What ways do you think that they are most effective?

  • minimus

    I think that the most effective way they brainwash is through their constant false statements.....After a while they DO seem believable.

  • JH


    Until the forum is fine tuned, you will not get your usual 100 replies


    FEAR!! .....OUTLAW

  • Mac

    Repeated spin in the dub tub can often lead to the brain drain?

    mac, of a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste class

    (Was that the right answer Min and what did I win?)

  • patio34

    Just what Outlaw said (but in Chiller font and dripping blood red )

    Fear of death and Armageddon!! Just what religions have been using for ... ever.

  • Beans

    From what I hear some of these techniques are now gone, it used to be the Sundays smothered in sauce and the muffin egg breakfast sangwiches. But now from what I hear they do not serve anything anymore, it's just a big lunch room. Yup no more drive for the pigs to get to the barn eh1



  • pr_capone

    Using catch phrases and particular words that are of the "theocratic language".

  • Ginosko


    As I told in another thread I believe that it's a combination of four points:

    1. Myths,

    2. Illusions,

    3. Lot of meetings, responsibilities and reading materials to fill your life,

    4. Fear.

    I believe that with this combination any organization could control a lot of people. http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/46924/1.ashx

  • CBeMe

    I have to agree with fear. The JW's I know are afraid of God, their friends, their neighbors, their fellow JW's, demons, any books movies ect. not published by the WTS. They are afraid of everything! I don't know why anyone would want to live that way.

    My JW Mom told me this morning (when I asked why she always cries at meetings) that she is unhappy because she is not doing enough of God's work. She doesn't go out in service often enough, she doesn't have enough book studies, ect.. Apparently she has "gotten the impression" that armageddon will be here soon and is worried enough about her status to consider quitting her job to pioneer.

    The joy of serving God's organization, yea right....... Tell me that's not fear.


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