Padi Certification

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  • nightwarrior


    Love swiming and diving,4 members of my family went on holiday to turkey we found the country brilliant,we went with a european diving centre, our 12 year old 11 year old and myself received our first certificate for scuba diving the worst part for myself was that it took me 20 minutes to pluck up the courage to ( go down ) in my fully computerzed rubber suit, i saw my kids just dissapear underwater with other diving instructors,this was accomplished within five minutes ,children dont seem to have any fear or problems while learning ,myself i was slightly aprehensive well scared of not being able to breath properly,but after the initial induction day,i now see the joy and fun of underwater life, another positive note i can add is that i never saw any robotic borg members deep below,but the experience was wonderfull, i have now bought ( 2 sets of full face aqua lungs ) just awaiting summer to commence in England

    After our experience underwater, we found out that had we booked the same type of diving class directly in the harbour with one of the local s we would have paid 75 percent less ,but we paid for safety and experience which was well worth it,

    wish you well in your reaching your ultimate goal,

    agape love.

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