Padi Certification

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  • Robdar

    I went to the local dive shop today to pick up a used shortie wet suit. Forty bucks--can't beat the price. While I was there, the owner told me that I could complete my training course that I started 4 years ago. Right before my final dive to certify, I started having seizures and my doctor wouldn't approve me diving.

    I have been over a year without a seizure and the doc gave me the go ahead. The owner told me to go ahead and snorkle, get used to the feel of the equipment again and when I get back from my trip that he would let me in the next dive class. All I have to do is review and then go for my final. I am way excited. I can't wait to go on a diving trip to maybe the Cayman Islands.

    Anybody else like diving? Where are your favorite places to dive?


  • Jade

    I am getting ready to take the class in May. Megadude, Roo, Navigator and I are going to go diving this summer. I'm a little bit scared but I think I'll be ok. Good luck on your cert. dive.


  • Uzzah

    I am a diver too. Been exploring the underwater depths for over 7 years now.

    I strongly encourage anyone who can to try it. It is one of the few places on theis planet where there is such amazing peace and tranquility.

    Robdar, please verify with your doctor that it is okay to dive. I have had to assist a few divers in the past, one was some who used to suffer from seizures. Underwater First Aid is totally different than that performed on dry land.

    When you do your open water dive, verify that the Dive Master is current in his underwater first aid certification. I am not trying to scare you but it is just better to be safe.

    Take care and enjoy the dive.


  • LB

    Scuba is the most fun you can have wearing rubber. Yes I always wear rubber, it isn't the 60's any longer for crying out loud. Safe diving is a must.


    I know...pretty lame in comparison to 'real true divers'. Whom I admire, by the way.

    I snorkelled when I lived in the Philippines. The beautifully coloured reefs, and amazing array of beautifully coloured tropical fish, were unbelieveable. I loved it.

    I visited the island of Mindoro, and had probably one of the most incredible and life enriching experiences ever.

    Honestly, I envy divers, because they can go to places way down...that a snorkeller just cannot go to. This is for obvious reasons, but safety too.

    Robdar, going to the Cayman Islands and diving: I am so jealous...but in a good way. I wish I could share in this incredible experience. I'm green with envy.

    Be careful, be safe, and enjoy yourself. There's nothing quite as beautiful as the undersea world of the tropics.


  • Navigator

    The Cayman Islands is a great place to dive. I also like Pendleton Park off of Key Largo in Florida. I wanted to dive in Cozumel on the recommendation of many folks, but blew my eardrum and couldn't make the dive.

  • gumby

    Scuba is the most fun you can have wearing rubber

    Are you possitive LB?


  • Elders_Kid

    I used to be a resue diver on the local fire department, now I have about $1000 worth of gear sitting in storage that I don't use anymore... After the water gets a little warmer I'm thinking of digging it all back out, and trying it again.


  • LB

    Well gumby I'm pretty sure it's the most fun you can have while wearing rubber. Why, does something else come to mine? I just have always loved slipping on some rubber and going down.

  • SheilaM


    Thunder and I have only snorkeled in bahamas but we both have always wanted to learn to dive. We want to live off the keys so that will be so fun!!

    That is so cool your gonna continue!!!

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