For those of you raise in the "truth" a Question

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  • Dawn

    I believe people who come into the JW's as adults are looking for an answer to their problems - and I would bet that most of them have little to no knowledge of the bible. This is why they are susceptible to the twisted doctrines and teachings of the JW's. They see people who seem to know their bible, have an answer for everything, and are very HAPPY - so they decide this must be the way.

    I also believe that anyone who has really studied their bible and has a basic understanding of it's message would NOT be drawn into the JW organization as an adult.

    And JW's assume that most people don't know their bible - which is why they like to FLAUNT their knowledge about it at the door. But when they run into someone who really DOES know their bible and is ready to defend their beliefs with scriptures - well, the JW tucks tail and runs. So much for the "ready to make a defense" scripture hu?

  • pamkw

    No, I don't think I would have. The only reason I stayed as long as I did was because of family. I even went back after being df when i was a teenager. I needed my mother's help and that was the only way to get it. (Some love huh?) But now, I am willing to give up the family to be myself.

    If I had heard the witness message as an adult I would have asked way to many questions. And I would have hated being told what to do. So I would not.


  • Solace

    I was also raised a witness.

    Once I began getting to know and making friends with people out of the faith, I realized that they really werent as pagan as I had been taught all of my life. I actually noticed that many of them lead much healthier and happier lives than even my own family.

    I couldnt imagine innocent people being killed in armageddon simply for not being born into, or having found the JW organization. I eventually began resenting the organization and my family for condemning the people who I grew to care about.

    I can see how vulnerable people can easily fall victim to the kind words of encouragement that are offered at the door when a witness approaches. If someone is depressed and needs hope, those promises of perfection can sound very inviting. Some can be blinded from all the negative aspects of the society just to cling to the hope of the resurrection, or to see dead loved ones again. Unfortionatly, this continues to happen every day, to very good people.

    I would hope that if I was fortionate enough not to be raised a witness, I would be able to see through all those ultra fake promises of perfection, but Im not above anyone else. We are all only human, ya know?

  • LyinEyes

    I kind of doubt that I would have been the least bit interested in looking into JW's. Because my family on Dad's side, the biggest influences in my life, were all Catholics,,,,,laid back Catholics.

    I would have been content with their rules , confess to a priest , you are forgiven now go on your way.

    I would have loved the idea that my dead friends and family would be angels in heaven looking down on me. I would have found so much comfort in that and would not have grieved as bad as I have done as a JW.

    I would have loved all the traditions of celebrating the holidays, and all the family that I gave away being a good witness. I grew up with over 40 cousins that we saw at least every sunday. My non Jw family, all of those cousins, aunts , uncles , 1st and 2nd cousins made my life a little happier. It was a place to go, we call it "down home", where I could be a kid. We played for hours even till the dark.

    I would have raised my kids the same way, close to family and I would probably think the JW's were basically just misguided good people. I wouldnt have known until the child abuse issue that is now public knowledge even exsisted.

    Darnit,,,,,,,,,, why did my mom answer the door to those JW's ........ what would my life had been like?

    It hurts too bad to even dream that things could have been so much better. It is just a tragic story.

  • kat_newmas

    I too was raised in the "truth". See my post under "Faking it to keep my family". All I can really say to you on this subject is this.

    Even though I dont believe everything I was taught, I am still appreciative of the upbringing. Mind you school was torment, I was picked on and beaten endlessly. But still, I can see a difference in myself and others around me. I am polite, respectful, I dont sound too humble right this moment, but I really am. they did teach me a respect for creation that I dont find in others. Apart from that, I used to pray every day that god wouldnt let me live. Send me AIDS or cancer, just let me die. I mean they dont teach fear of "hell" or torment. So I always thought, "if they are right, then I have nothing to lose, I will just 'sleep' through eternity". I dont believe alot of what they say, but you have to give credit to them for being consistent.... I think.

    I just wonder if it isnt really some sort of child abuse or mind control. I mean to tell a first grade student that he must go before his class and explain that he cannot celebrate the nailed god's birthday... I mean, people want to kill you for that! I dont know if this is helping or not. I am just happy to have found others like myself that feel like they can never really fit in, or be worth anything because they failed the hebrew god somehow.

  • Francois

    No such repulsive thought has ever bubbled up to the surface of my thinking. And if it ever does, I hope I have the good sense to pommel it into insensibility with a rock.


  • Soledad

    The WTS would never have appealed to me had I not been born and raised in it.

  • caligirl

    I can honestly say, no that I would never have given it a chance had I not been raised in it. I am too much of an independent, thinking person for anything that they offer to have appealed to me.

  • greven

    I was raised in it and grew out of it. It is much like being raised in Disneyland believing that is reality. When young and naive we tend to believe whatever we are being told. I grew out of this belief much like a child grows out of believing Santa claus exists. When looking back I can fully understand why I believed as such. However I can hardly believe how someone from outside would join them. I fully agree with number 6:

    "The very first thing anyone does before making a commitment of any magnitude is RESEARCH, taking into account all points of view. "

    Therefore, I think I would've never be drawn into it. the very reason I left was research and a hubger for truth. Science fulfills that hunger now.


  • tom64kat

    when i was a jw i used to wonder if i would have accepted it if i hadn't been raised in that i'm out i wonder what in the world would draw a person to that organization who aren't raised in it and have a choice...since most religions teach you go to heaven, what would make a person trade that belief in to stay here on the earth since that is the concept they mainly use to draw people in to study...tom64kat

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