12th Planet: What if......

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  • blackguard

    What if.... The so-called Tribulation means Distress and is Great only in the sense of Duration, having ran uninterruptedly for nigh on 2000 years?

    What if....The so-called Last Days commenced at Pentecost and has also been running uninterruptedly since?

    What if....The so-called Signs Of The Last Days are the very non-signs Christ Jesus warned NOT to be decieved by?

    What if....The ONLY sign he gave is that recorded at Mat24:29?

    What if...That Sign means the passage into our solar system of a large brown dwarf star, and this star is a regular intruder, on a course between earth and sun?

    What if....This brown dwarf star has been observed in history and is recorded in the myths of many tribes and is alluded to in scripture?

    What if...This star has previously been known as, The Sundisc, Phoenix, Celestial Snake, Qetzalcoatl, PlanetX, et.al?

    What if....The corporate WTS has long known about this regular intruder comet via its occultic founder and its contemporary Illuminist executives willfully withold this and other items of information from its religious membership?

    What if....This brown dwarf is incoming now and according to some scientists should arrive somewhere between 2003-2012?

    What if....This event is harbinger to the next major event: The Second Coming?

  • anti-absolutism

    Wow, did you smoke a fatty before that one, Blackguard? Kidding, but I have heard about a star or planet or whatever heading this way. What I was told was that it could come close enough to turn the axis of the Earth about 90 degrees. Of course, the only person that I have heard that from until now did do a lot of drugs when he was younger... LOL.

    Seriously, I do not follow the news very closely, for good reason. There is too much to worry about, if we listen to it all. Also, is it fair to ignore all the other scriptures and just predict calamity with that one in Matt. 24:29? There is so much symbolic stuff in the Bible, that even if it is God's Word, I try to never take Doom and Gloom literally. If we do that, it seems to take away from the only thing that I DO know for sure.... that life is a beautiful thing if we let it be.

    For your sake, I hope you don't dwell on this speculation of impending calamity very much.


  • blackguard

    Hi Brad, Yes, I share you view of the news--it can be depressing, as can what you call gloom and doom proclamations. Scientists and governments have observatories to view the heavens for many reasons. The mainline media reports very little on astronomy research unless it contains stories of asteroids on collision course with earth. Mat24:29 isn't the only scripture which is suggestive that the only sign is a large stellar body passage through our solar system. And there isn't only one scientist proclaiming a large incoming body. If you're interested check out www.darkstar1.co.uk. Besides,I don't guarantee that I've got this right anyhow! If I have I figure others might think similarly


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    BG ..Well, last time I looked there was a possible 10th planet, Nibiru, that rolls in every 4000 years or so and is about due now, according to some of the pundits. Or was Nibiru the one that used to be where the Asteroid belt now is? I cant remember exactly. What is planet 11 ? I never heard of that one. And planet 12...well if I havent heard of 11, I certainly havent heard of 12. Refresh my memory..

  • blackguard

    Hi refiners fire, Yes, Planet X means both uncertain and 10th.The Sumerians referred to it as the 12th or Nebheru because they included the Sun and Moon as planets 10 and 11. Nebheru or Nibiru may have been a planet where the asteriod belt is now. Some feel the mystery intruder-planet is Venus, others Mars and still others maintain Nibiru has a 3600 year cycle with aphelion out somehwere in the Saggitarius constellation. No-one knows with certainty.Because the myths about it are myriad I'm supposing it is a genuine regular intruder. Even scripture alludes to it in several places other than Mat24:29. Some claim it should reach perihelion May/June 2003; others somewhere within the next 10 years. Some claim it will blast into our solar system via the Duat or between Orion and Sirius where the Great Pyramid is. Others say it will come through Centaurus, and still others claim to have sighted it elsewhere in the southern celestial sphere. A general census seems to be that it is what contemporary scientists call a brown dwarf star: It apparently has been sighted using infrared telescopes. It is claimed it will burst into a blood-red glow when it enters our solar system. My research suggests its last major destructive passage caused the Great Flood. I'm proposing this is what Jesus what referring to as the only singular Sign prior to his 2nd Coming. Thus his statements about the Fig Tree and The Generation apply to the period between the havoc caused by this large stellar body's flyby and Christ's Return. Does this make any sense to you?

  • archangel01

    Hello,Remember in the book of REV. Jesus talked about "WORM WOOD".Maybe thats the name of the planet or what if it's not a planet but a star. What if God/Jesus is sending this star to earth. Or like you said this star hits first then Jesus makes his second coming.Also if this is true how big is the star and if it hits earth what part of the earth will it make contact with.However, I don't think God would let it hit earth unless it's part of the plan but it is pretty cool though.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    BG. Well theres nothing unusual particularly in what you are saying. Ive read numereous books holding forth pretty much the same ideas your expressing. Ive got one on the shelf called "The Bible is an Extra Terrestrial Message", by CL Turnage. You read her? Shes pretty readable, unlike a lot of the others. The problem I have with the whole thing is it is unsubstantiated. I know Pluto is interpreted by some as "being in an orbit indicating a 10th planet", such as Nibiru/ Marduk. But the whole thing is sheer speculation. Its interesting speculation, but without evidence I could never "believe" it to be fact.

  • Sentinel


    Yes,.........what if, indeed. I concur that your observations are right on the mark. I believe "this" is the sign in the heavens many of us have been waiting for.

  • blackguard

    Hi Guys:

    'angel---The Catholic church owns an observatory in Arizona for the express purpose of searching the heavens for wormwood. Malachi Martin, now deceased, was a priest and scientist who wrote about this. I suspect wormwood of Rev8:10,11 is not the large stellar body in question; Compare Rev 6:12-14 with Mat 24:29---I think this is a parallel account of the same large star. It does not strike the earth.

    r.fire---yes I don't have a monopoly in this information, and no I haven't read Turnage. I think you're correct to demand substantiation via evidence, but what is evidence for you? For e.g As I ,Pluto was 'discovered' via the 'evidence' that its presence perturbed other planets without being sighted. Apparently, there is some large as yet unseen body in outer space presently perturbing the solar system.

    sentinel---Tell me more of what you know!

  • sf

    Okay, now I 'get it':

    The Assignment
    ... My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High ... especially
    about the approaching of this rogue planet, this so-called brown dwarf star. ...
    www.prophecies.org/DOCS/Book%208/03assign.htm - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

    Adherents.com - Religious Groups in Literature
    ... Jehovah Contract. ... Newmanhome by its Babylonian name!--as the most habitable planet,
    but he specifically listed the brown dwarf, Nergal, as ... ), the Star of the ...
    www.adherents.com/lit/Na_30.html - 37k - Cached - Similar pages

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