Tattoo's what, where, why and how!

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  • Angharad

    although I suppose it wouldnt take 25 hours, so you never know I may give it a go

  • LB

    Ang I was more than a little concerned about the discomfort. Trauma and others told me to cowboy up as it didn't hurt much. I got mine on my shoulder and it took about an hour. It honesty was nothing. Now in certain areas like the lower spine or any place close to a bone it will be worse. But this was a snap.

    I can't seem to imbed pics anymore. None of the little help thingys above this message text appear. Just one little red x and the others never load.

  • SheilaM

    Calamity: Thanks I think I will surprise Thunder with that for our Anniversary, he has wanted me to get it done forever!

    Angaharad:I had both the kids natural and Anthony was born at home. To me that is a breeze compared to a shot LOLBut the tattoo wasn't bad really...ANd I said S*** a lot LOL

    ValisGeesh ...LOL

    LB I wish the pic would work...cowboy up huh LOL that is a cool saying

  • DonnieDarko

    I have several tattoos on both my arms. Japanese Kanji on my right and my dojo insignia on my left. All relating to my Martial Arts training; I have a "Yondan" (Fourth degree black belt) in Yoshincan Aikido. Both tattoos are about 14yrs old and have not faded thanks to the religious use of spf 45 sunblock.

  • DanTheMan

    To all those considering getting a tattoo or who have gotten one in the last 3-4 years, everybody say it together now:



    Angharad wrote:

    I dont think the tattoo artist should be subjected to the language and abuse

    I'm with her on the pain issue. . . Just wouldn't wanna do that to an artist . . . sheeeesh!

    So I use the temporary ones. . . I like to wear a rose on my ankle.


  • Mulan

    Tatoos seem to be popular around here. One of our friends had one recently, across her hip, "Made in Texas". She was born there. I thought that was cute.

    Princess has her husband's name (his logo) on her abdomen. Very classy. Her 4 year old daughter thinks it isn't fashionable though. She would know.

  • SheilaM

    Donnie: They sound really cool and sunblock is a good idea

    Dan: hmmm not into Tattoo's I see

    Estee: LOL I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying a few F*******y F*** F***SLOL

    Mulan: Made in Texas that is hilarious So Princess has a fashion critic already LOL

  • Trauma_Hound
    Trauma: Not sure what happened to the first two posts<hmmm forum gremlins> What are the tattoo's of? Your a brave man piercings *faints*

    I have an Aries Ram surrounded by black and red trible on my right fore arm, and black trible that isn't completed yet on my left lower leg. My nose is pierced, as well as both ears. I pierced my ears, my self.

  • LB

    So did it work??

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