Tattoo's what, where, why and how!

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    YEA LB glad you could get it to postThat is really neat!


    For anyone who has had a tattoo, and one done at a reputable place (licensed hopefully and inspected by the health dept.) the question we've all heard:

    "...but does it hurt?"

    Well, the best way to describe it, it's like having a sunburn. It's more irritating than it is painful. If the tattoo is done over a boney prominence, it'll be a bit sore. Some places on your body where the skin is not very thick, it'll sting more there.

    The arm, forearm, back and upper pectorals, it's not bad at all.

    One thing is for certain. Know what you want, and remember: It's permanent!!

    BTW...for those who don't want to do the tattoo traditionally, I have some good news:

    HENNA TATTOOS. Yes, and they are non-invasive, and look great, smell great and are NOT permanent. There are many henna tattoo artists, and they do a great business. The solution is organic and will remain on your body, for several days or a week. I've seen some good ones. Doesn't hurt one bit.

    Try that, that way you get used to it for a few days. If you want the permanent thing, you'll have a better idea that way. If you like temporary, no problem.

    When and if you go into a tattoo shop, ask lots of questions. If someone blows you off or can't give you a direct reply: walk out. Your health and safety: always paramount.

    Take care .

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    Thanx for the info on the henna tats, I may do that on my back instead of a real onethataway it won't hurt!

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