Six million people mislead?

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    I volunteer find some examples, ScoobySnax. The WT does equate 6 million people (numbers) of Jehovah's blessing. We studied this just last year in the Watchtower. In context. Scooby, have you studied recently?

  • jgnat

    WT July 1, 2002 Jehovah's Glory Shines on His People paragraph 16

    In the last verse of Isaiah 60, we read Jehovah's final promise in this chapter. He says to Zion: "The little one himself will become a thousand, and the small one a mighty nation. I myself, Jehovah, shall speed it up in its own time." (Isaiah 60:22) In our day, Jehovah has kept his word. When anointed Christians were restored to activity in 1919, they were few in number-truly, a "little one." Their number increased as additional spiritual Israelites were brought in. And then the other sheep started to flock to them in ever-increasing numbers. The peaceful condition of God’s people, the spiritual paradise existing on their "land," has attracted so many honesthearted ones that "the small one" has really become "a mighty nation." At present this "nation" - the Isreal of God and more than six million dedicated foreigners - is more populous than many of the world's sovereign states. (Isaiah 60:10) All its citizens share in reflecting Jehovah's light, and that makes all of them beautiful in his eyes.

    The WTS is very proud of its numbers. There are more examples. I will add them as I find them.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Ikhandi. Every Church was a sect and every sect was a cult and every cult started off as a small group. The Witnesses just stumbled on a formula that worked in terms of sect formation. I think the 1914 war helped them, they were able to claim something of a prophetic success. Still, if you have a cult that predicts Armaggedon for 1913, another for 1915, and yet another group that predicts 1918...well, chances are SOMETHING is going to happen SOMETIME. lol.

    For every "successfull" cult, there are dozens of others that never get off the ground.

  • NeonMadman

    Here are some examples of the Watchtower equating growing numbers with Jehovah's blessing:


    yb01 p. 157 Argentina ***

    Where congregations had a Kingdom Hall, the brothers were encouraged to meet there, though posting no sign identifying it as such. With Jehovah’s blessing, the number and size of the congregations steadily increased despite occasional harassment by the authorities.


    yb98 p. 127 Japan ***

    On May 13, 1989, the new buildings were dedicated to Jehovah, the One who had brought in the increase that made the facilities necessary.


    yb97 pp. 150-151 Brazil ***

    Quoting the beautiful words of King Solomon at the time of the inauguration of the temple in Jerusalem, Brother Barry made it clear that all the credit and glory for the fine Bethel buildings belong to Jehovah God. Then he concluded by saying: ‘It was because of the increase in the preaching work that these buildings were built. So the preaching work deserves the undivided attention of all of you.’


    yb97 p. 81 Benin ***

    A report written at that time stated: "The brothers are truly ‘standing firm in one spirit, with one soul striving side by side for the faith of the good news,’ and Jehovah is blessing their efforts with increase. (Phil. 1:27) We have faith that he will continue to do so."


    yb86 p. 141 Netherlands ***

    Instead of there being a slowdown in the work, Jehovah’s spirit upon his servants resulted in outstanding increase.

    *** yb86 p. 159 Netherlands ***

    More were coming into Jehovah’s organization than the total number that the Nazis were succeeding in arresting and sending to the camps. Jehovah’s blessing was upon his people. The work they were doing was not of men but of God.

    *** yb86 p. 160 Netherlands ***

    Despite arrests, imprisonments, deportations to concentration camps, and death at the hand of the enemy, the number of Kingdom publishers increased by 115 percent in two years, reaching a new high of 1,379 in 1943. Clearly, the work had not ended. Jehovah was blessing his servants with growth even under the most trying circumstances.

    *** w85 3/1 p. 18 Jehovah ‘Speeds It Up’ ***

    Thus, in 1938, a year before the outbreak of World War II, the "overseers" and "task assigners" in all congregations became "peace" and "righteousness." A strong, unified organizational arrangement moved forward with fruitful increase. Jehovah blessed his united witnesses. Their numbers almost doubled, from 71,509 to 141,606 between 1939 and 1945, despite the pressures and persecutions of those war years.

    Study Question on above paragraph:

    *** w85 3/1 Jehovah ‘Speeds It Up’ ***

    4. (a) How were Jehovah’s Witnesses fortified for the trials of 1939-45? (b) What proved that Jehovah’s blessing was upon that theocratic arrangement?

    *** g85 1/22 p. 23 "Jehovah Will Give Increase" ***

    Jehovah’s Witnesses take no personal credit for this increase. "To us belongs nothing, O Jehovah, to us belongs nothing," they readily admit. It is rather "according to [God’s] loving-kindness, according to [his] trueness," and his blessing that this increase has taken place and will continue to do so in the future.

    *** w85 1/15 p. 27 "Kingdom Increase" Conventions—What Rich Spiritual Feasts! ***

    As one speaker said in closing: "With Jehovah and his Son giving us divine support, let us go forward as a Kingdom organization geared for more increase. We have every reason to exalt God’s name together, now and forevermore."

    *** w84 1/1 p. 15 Watchmen, Raise Your Voice! ***

    Turn to pages 16 and 17 of this magazine and you will see that, on a global scale, Jehovah is blessing these watchmen and their loyal associates. They "have raised their voice" to the extent that a grand increase in publishers is being enjoyed everywhere.

  • jgnat

    Thanks, Neon Madman. You dredged up much better examples than I did.

  • BluesBrother

    1 Cor : 3 v 6. "I planted, Apollos watered but GOD kept making it grow" I well rember using this scripure to "prove" that the Org had Gods backing in view of the millions of members. And that scripture where Gamaliel said that if it prospered, then it must have Gods blessing.

    The paradox of being proud of being a few on the narrow road, and also proud of being a large International Org ,with more members than the population of Ireland did use to strike me , but somehow it never really bothered me .

    Why? Well, it gives security. A hope, readymade social system, and a lifetyle where you do not have to think. Whatever the question, the answer is always "The Society says......."

    A form of materialism - just consider the illustrations of the New World. Reassurance ,if you are the type who worries about things. Whatever the problem, The New World will put it right.

    It also helps if you are a dogmatic so and so, who is quite happy to see all the others fried if they disagree with you. "Roll on Armageddon!"

  • ScoobySnax

    LOL those quotes those quotes!!....... Of course Witnesses equate there growth as evident of Jehovahs blessing..... but to answer the original post, never have I heard them say we have six million members hence we must be right, Witnesses tend to pit themselves as a small group facing a mightier bad old world. That was my reply. I am sarcastic by nature, but never (or rarely!) angry. And the advice about chilling out and having a beer to some of you, is a direction I often subscribe to as well, I'm as good as horizontal here!

  • DanTheMan
    LOL those quotes those quotes!!

    What do you mean by that? Are you laughing at the quotes, or are you laughing at the people for making the effort to look up the info, or what?

    Of course Witnesses equate there growth as evident of Jehovahs blessing..... but to answer the original post, never have I heard them say we have six million members hence we must be right

    If Mormons bragged to you about their 12 million members and how God is blessing them with converts, would this not be tacitly saying that these numbers are proof of the rightness of their religion? At least that's how it would come off to me!

  • jgnat

    Six million people follow a funky religion who think they are exclusive holders of the Truth. A hundred people on this planet cling to the belief that the world is flat. Funny world, or funny humanity?

  • anti-absolutism

    Scoob... to say that someone here will find quotes, take them out of context and that that would seem to suggest that it would be unfair to JW's is somewhat hypocritical. If you ever were a JW, whether it is said in their literature, (which it is, for all intents and purposes) or not, you have to admit that the VAST majority of JW's (including myself), certainly regarded the INCREASE in numbers to be PROOF of being under God's guidance.

    Refiner's Fine..... you said, IMHO, the most realistic thing posted on this topic. How many times did we hear about WW1, being such OBVIOUS proof that it was the end of the Gentile Times. The evidence was not in any proof that Jesus appeared in heaven. It was the combination of a few things:

    1) one occultic, freaked out , pyramidologist that had been predicting signs for years of the end of the world

    2) a slightly bigger war than we had had in a long time (but not bigger in regards to percentage of people involved or of the death toll than other previous wars)

    3) a bunch of people that felt enough insecurity within themselves that they needed to find peace for themselves from some channel other than their own psyches..(these people have been in abundance for milleniums, so not a 'hard to find' group)

    Combine these things together and you have a perfect recipe for a new cult or religion or faith (you can choose which one you feel comfortable calling it).

    By the way in lieu of the events in the Middle East, I have started a new religion. It is called "The Disorganization of Non-Denominational Bible Students". But in order to be able to preach the Word to as many people as possible, I am starting to take donations. Money is preferred and can be sent to my personal account (available upon request). If money is tight, then your time is welcome and just start going door to door asking for donations (a small printed item with some tangible value should be offered as that will enable people's psyche to comprehend that they are "getting" something for their donation.

    Now can all who are eager please pray with me that George W. Bush blast the crap out of Saddam as that will have the greatest impact on the seemingly in-bred human desire to need to find "religion" in order to save their sorry asses!!!!! With all of the disgruntled religious people out there, I think the timing is perfect for our NEW FAITH.

    Thank you in advance for your concern for the spiritual welfare of our world's people.


    P.S. The biggest recriuter will be designated as my replacement.

    P.P.S. If one of you is a judge and has intentions of taking over control of MY religion by some underhanded, YET LEGAL means, please do not join our ranks, as that would cause my name to be slandered to time eternal by anyone who is intelligent!!!!

    Just in case you haven't figured it out, ScoobySnax, this is a joke. LOL..... Isn't life freaking hillarious!!!!!!! I hope everybody gets half of the enjoyment that I gave myself writing that one........woohoo

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